çhapter 9


I highlight from the bus  tilting  my head then stretching , I had  fun watching my brother drown in despair,  he's such a loser, I've had my eyes on him all through , i want him to take his rightful place as alpha but he seems to have little or no interest in becoming one, he has a timeline of 3 full moons to find his mate but he seems to be making little or no effort in finding her I hope my plan goes down well.

"Go on I need rest and change if clothes I'm soaking wet from sweat in this outfit"

  I raise my hand to Pat her hair, she's pretty I watch as she continues to whine about the stuffy bus and the long trip, 

 "Callie, I told you not to wear I warned you it was going to be a long trip and we would be cramped  but what did you say ?"

 She looks down at her feet pouting ,

 "I had to look colourful at least to make a statement"

She's pissing me off ND she knows it

 "What statement callie ?"


 "Callie and Laura you are paired to a room"


 "Who's laura?'

 She's a new girl, new In town

 "One of us?"

" No Callie, if she was you would've seen her already just go on in and be a nice girl, remember she isn't one of us"

 I watch Callie take slow but graceful strides away from me and towards the door, I sigh In delight I'm lucky I have Callie as a mate,

   I feel bad for Arthur lately he's gloomy itigjt have to do with his parting away from William but he doesn't know how necessary having a mate is, it's like having your other half , you feel what he or she feels you know what they know ,you love them unrequitedly 


I feel my ass go numb and my feets itching to move around thanks to Williamthe drove down here wasn't so unbearable , we had little talks , jokes and had a lot in common though I felt the prying eyes of goofy behind me , I walk out of the room feeling quite uneasy with the so called Callie,

She reminds me a lot of Edna, I've not seen her around ever since then, I feel the pit of tummy churn in anger , this feeling it's been long I got it,

   It's the urge to kill, why would I get that now in the middle of nowhere on a school trip,  I walk on wandering away from the guesthouse I want to feel free, away from the noises, chattering, and stares.

    I loved the idea of moving away but I feel like an outcast , I have no friends, no hobbies, no social circle.  I just got to learn a whole new lot about my life but I don't think I'm wanted there , maybe Kaitlin was right I'm a weakling and nobody wants me , am I a failure at birth? I'm a hunter but I don't posses what others do, 

  I sigh taking slow strides, I stop to a halt on hearing whispers, I look behind me to check but no one's there, I move a little forward , I see two people talking on hush tones, I strain my eyes to see who it is, naturally my eyes zoom in on them I could see them clearly even from afar, I could recognize one as goofy(Arthur) and the other is a freaking handsome dude, I watch them talk about few things and I see him pull Arthur in for a hug, before placing a peck on his lips


 Arthur looks back, he must have heared me, I run fast away from wherever I was after running to a point where I couldn't breathe right I stop , I look around realizing I know nothing about where I was 


 "Shit!!!, I'm lost"

 I turn on my phone , luckily there's network coverage here, 

 "You lost?"

 I look up startled , I sigh in relief

 "No I'm not, I was just taking a stroll that's all"

 I watch him smirk , I stare at him for a while , I love my eyes gradually from his eyes to nose, brows, hair and body. I bite on my lower lip subconsciously ,has william been this handsome ?

 "Relax girl, do you wanna eat me up?"

 I raise my brow at him what's he up to this time?

 "Pardon? What do you mean by that?"


"You kept biting your lip "

 He moves closer to me , he rubs his thumb on my lower lip, I watch him astonished

 "It's all swollen"

Getting a grip of myself  I move away from him

 "What's wrong with you psycho?"

"I'm not, I was stating the facts"

 "I'm sorry if I mistook you for a psycho, no normal people don't go around touching girls randomly "

 He laughs for a while 

 "I'm sorry, you didn't think I was flirting with you did you?"

 I frown at his statement , he keeps a smug grin plastered to his face

 "No way in hell"

 "Do you mind telling me why you wandered here all alone ?"

 I deliberate on whether to tell him the truth or not, somehow I feel my secret's safe with him, I decide to go with a plain truth

 "I had a lot on my mind , I wandered here lost in thought but now I regret it"

 He places his hand on my head Patting it slowly and rhymatically , I feel my bones relax and my body submit to his touch , it seems like all my worries have been lifted

 "It's going to get better trust me,I've been where you are,besides what made you regret"

"I saw goofy with a guy and they got a little intimate "

 He giggles slightly, moving his hand away from my head, I look into his eyes

 "Who's goofy? Your friend?"

I snort , 

 "you wish? , He was sitting behind up during the drive , remember ?, The one making annoying sounds distracting up during our game?"

He stiffens , he seems to recall something

 "By goofy so you mean Arthur?,"

I nod repeatedly,

 "Yup, that one"

 His face falls, his expression turning sour , he tries to mask his surprise but it was too slow for me not to notice

 " Do you know who the guy goofy was fooling around with is?"

 I could hear his voice break severally , "did I do something wrong?" I ask myself

 "None that I've seen around, he's probably from around  here, he's blonde about the same height as goofy, he had tiny eyes ,plump red lips, curves lips and there was something peculiar about his eyes"

  I think for a while what could I be missing out?

 "It's fine , had enough of your stroll?, We should hurry it's almost dinner time"

 He paused for a while looking at me,

"How could you see all his features though it becoming dark?"

 I rub my hair for a while thinking of a suitable answer, but even I don't know how,

 "I'm not sure , I could just see it "

 "Common it's getting late out here and trust me you don't want to stay out for long in places like this , they've got a pretty lot of untrained ones"

 I jump into the sky trying to catch a fly,

 "You seem to know this place pretty well, judging by how magnificently you turn around these corners without contemplating wether you might miss the road, have you been here on trip before?"

"Yeah, I've been here a lot, but not on trip we go to new places each summer, form new alliances , you ask too much questions for a lady you sure are a handful"

I nod my head feelings embarrassed get again, the rest of the journey to the guest house was quiet

 "Thanks William, I could've been lost or gotten into the hands of the untrained ones"

 He laughs 

 "You have an excellent memory , it's fine bye"

 I turn moving away, 

 "Wait William, I remember his eyes they had some glint of gold"

I turn back moving towards the room, imma skip dinner I need rest, I walk into the room hoping to find Callie buy she wasn't anywhere in the room, it obviously wasn't long she left the room judging by heap's of clothes all on the ground, her makeup were allover the table, I feel bad for whoever she might be with, she's too flashy if you asked me

 "Common girl , no one asked for your opinion"

 I turn around the room, did I hear something or is my mind playing dumb tricks?, I listen attentively for few seconds to no avail, I shrug it must have been me thinking wierd things


I roll around on the bed, it can't be she must have seen things wrong

"Really?, She saw things wrong but got the description right ? You made the choice stop acting all pitiful ,he can go to whomever whenever"

"Cut it off, Liam, yeah I made the choice but i can't beleiev he really did"

"Whatever, don't involve me in whatever mess you created ,and I warned you to stop mindlinking me anytime you godamn feel like I need some privacy I don't go around taking control except during fullmoons so I'd appreciate you respect my boundaries"

I feel the bond go off, 

"Screw you" 

I grunt knowing well he won't hear a thing I say

The door opens slowly, I shut my eyes breathing slowly, I'm faking my sleep, I hear him walk towards my bed space , he sighs loudly before walking over to his bed space, I relax 

 "You can't fool me William , you know that, besides who sleeps with pants on? "

I turn around facing him, his bed is opposite mine

 "I wasn't faking my sleepmir anything I just shut my eyes close that's all"

 He snorts, backing me taking off his shirt,

 "I never said anything about you faking your sleep"

 He turns to me taking off his pants leaving him in his breifs, I drool mentally as I watch him , he takes slow graceful strides towards me, I gulp hard

 "You like what you see?, You can touch it whenever and wherever it all belongs to you"

 Fuck!!!!, I scream mentally, I could hardly contain my bulge ,I could feel it harden pressing against my pants I curse inwardly at my arousal

 "Fuck off!"

 He grins , squatting down towards me he grazes his hands across my thighs, a very silent moan escapes my mouth I hope he doesn't hear, 

 "Should I fuck off?, Do you want me to?"

 I jerk his hands away from my thighs standing up from the bed,I move across to the table

 "Had a fun night?,"

 "Nothing fun"

 I feel hurt, he lied easily

 "Anything unusual happen off the camp grounds?"

I could hear his heartbeat increase it's pacehe tries to control it knowing I could also hear it


 He manages to say

"If you say so, I guess you can't be fooled by me but I'm a complete fool"

 I could hear his footsteps draw closer , he places his hands on my shoulder, I turn towards him masking my hurt expression with a cold one,

 "Nothing happened, I didn't mean to,"

I cut into his words

 "You didn't mean to? You mean to tell me all that happened was a mistake? How intimate did you two get? And were you so into action that a human saw you?"

 He squeezes me shoulder so tight that it hurts

 "I'm sorry William, I didn't mean to, you told me you wanted nothing more to do with me and I lost it "

I turn to him, detaching his hands from my shoulder,

 "You lost it and decided to go for Fredrick, you know so well what my history with him is. I didn't expect you to go haywire for him, tell me honestly, have I been a fool for loving you?"

 He looks at me with tear filled eyes




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