chapter 122



"Are you sure that's Arthur? Maybe you saw someone else with a similar manner of walking or psyche if it were arthur he would have stopped by to welcome you"

"Perhaps you are right" i mumble before walking along behind him,

"Should we not take up a room?" I question him trying to take my mind off the possibility that i had just run into Arthur,

"For how long did you think you slept? I had gotten a room before waking you"

"Please let's go up i need to take a number two"

"What number two?" He asks totally clueless,

"It means i need to pee" i yell at him twisting my ankles and legs over each other,

"I'm sorry come on hurry" he says pulling me by my arm into a room which he inputs the passcode and let's me in immediately,

I rush into the bathroom following the scent of string antiseptic as i life the kid seafood in the closet to pee, after relieving myself i let out a loud sigh before shutting the kid back flushing the toilet and then realize the mistake i had just m
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