Chapter 15


I frowned in confusion at the state of Damien who seemed to have shifted to a completely different man. The man that I grew used to and was getting familiar with seemed to have disappeared and he was replaced by some raging wolf who knew nothing but anger.

He faced Alberto, his eyes glaring daggers at his cousin and I couldn’t help but notice how he looked at the woman in his arms. The woman’s blonde hair was straightened as she wore a flaming red dress. Her eyes were also fixed on Damien; however, Alberto’s scent filled her, letting me know that he was her mate, and that he has marked her. She shook his head at Damien, giving him a silent message which had him step back.

I got up, my chest burning as I saw a look on my husband’s face toward the woman. I put my wine glass down on the table in front of me, and smiled at the pair, giving them a polite nod.

“Luna” Alberto said smiling “or must I call you Nat

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