Young master

Chapter 5

Jeremy smiled at his wife's very beautiful face.

"You're just angry so beautiful, women out there! There must be a lot of jealousy of you."

Esmeralda snorted, even though her heart swelled with joy, hearing the words of praise from her husband, the husband she had fallen in love with every day.

"Tell me, why are you here?" Esmeralda ordered, she seemed impatient, waiting for an explanation from Jeremy, the husband she knew as a poor orphan.

Esmeralda's heart continued to wonder, how could her husband occupy the chair of the leader of the company, the Giant Company Group.

A prestigious company, which has the number one business empire in the city of Monarchs.

"As you can see, I'm the head of this company," replied Jeremy, smiling sweetly at his wife.

The dashing man, who has dimples on his cheeks, made Esmeralda's heart beat even harder.

"Although he is a poor man, but I must admit, he is the most handsome man in this Monarch City, that almost perfect sculpture of his face, makes me amazed and infatuated every day." Esmeralda muttered to herself in her heart.

This isn't funny!” said Esmeralda. “Let's go home, this is unbelievable! You are so brave to sit on that chair, if Miss Hwang finds out, our history is over!" Esmeralda continued, with a worried look on her face.

"This is not a joke, you know very well the level of security in this office. How could I sneak around like a thief."

Esmeralda took a moment to digest Jeremy's words, it was hard to believe. Eventually, however, Jeremy started telling Esmeralda everything.

"You're my wife! I'm telling you all this because I believe in you. I hope we can work together to keep this a secret," said Jeremy. He looked expectantly at Esmeralda.

"I can't believe it, why have you been keeping it a secret all this time? And choosing to live your life under people's disdain."

Esmeralda is still hard to believe.

"You will continue to be insulted by them! At least you have to show who you are! So that they don't dare to insult you again, especially Khan Tones, I'm so sick of him."

Jeremy chuckled. "I don't want to be respected for money, respected for power. But I want them to accept me for who I am."

Esmeralda chuckled. "That's impossible baby. You know the citizens of the Monarchy, all view each other only because of money and power. Only then can they humanize humans."

"Okay honey! You just follow my plan as far as possible. To be clear, I don't want them to know my real identity. Okay!"

"I will be angry, if you turn arrogant like them," Esmeralda Tones muttered with a cute and spoiled face.

"Wouldn't my dear wife! You trust me?" Jeremy looked at his wife lovingly.

The man hugged and kissed Esmeralda's forehead. "No matter what happens, stay by my side," Jeremy Mose pleaded in a soft voice.

"Definitely," replied Esmeralda with sparkling eyes.

"I can't afford it, you continue to be humiliated by them, therefore, I took this decision," Jeremy Mose whispered. "I hope you keep my identity, don't let them know. I want to see how great they are."

"Ah, of course. I want to have a real peaceful life away from people's insults. I also aspire to have many children with you."

"Of course! We will have many children!" said Jeremy, with his mischievous look. He kissed Esmeralda on the cheek.

"Now go back to Tones' office, and go about your business as usual. If Momy asks about me tonight, then you and I have to answer the same reason."

"What is your reason?" asked Esmeralda.

"Tell him I'm just a courier with my friends. Okay honey."

"Ah, well my handsome husband. I'll tell Mother that."

Esmeralda also said goodbye to her husband. Jeremy was forced to sign the contract, he didn't want to, his wife was in trouble.

The anger and vengeance in his heart is now mounting. But Jeremy realized that, after all, they were his beloved wife's extended family.

Jeremy just sighed, thinking of a way to avenge his wife's hurt.

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