Chapter 10

Nolan dragged Shyla away from the car. Shyla lost her balance and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Vivaan supported her. Shyla looked back at Nolan, as she didn't understand his action.

"Nolan, don't forget that you are getting a divorce today," Vivaan reminded him.

Nolan said coldly, "Shyla was still my wife before we got a divorce. I can't tolerate any outsider to meddle in her business!"

Shyla was then dragged into Nolan's car. Shyla struggled, but she couldn't free herself from Nolan's grip. She shouted, "What is the meaning of this? Let me go."

Nolan sneered and turned to stare at Shyla.

"No wonder you wanted to get a divorce. You have already thrown yourself into Vivaan's arms. Do you think that, since no one loves you, you could look for Vivaan? You have a change of heart really fast."

Nolan's sarcasm made Shyla's face turn pale. She didn't want

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Gisha Fyona
sweet Shyla was so determined
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Teju Kota
shyla determind to give birth... poor shyla

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