Chapter 12

All her life, Shyla's greatest regret was being in love with Nolan.

Ekta was saved by Nolan and she fainted in his arms. He hugged Ekta as if she was the only thing that mattered in the world.

Holding Ekta in his arms, Nolan stared coldly at the two men who had pushed Ekta.

The two men panicked. "It's not us. This woman paid us to do it."

They pointed at Shyla, who was lying on the ground. However, Shyla was unable to speak. When Nolan declared his love for Ekta, her heart was badly hurt. If she could have another chance in her life, she wanted to forget her pain and forget about Nolan.

Nolan's eyes were filled with hatred without even sparing an eye to the woman kneeling on the floor. He said, with disdain in his voice, "You're cruel, Shyla. Don't you have a heart? How could you kill people? Hahaha... he smiled mockingly and said:" I underestimated you, I know you are

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