124: Homecoming

The ride home was excruciatingly long and uncomfortable. Thankfully, both ZG and Zia couldn’t keep their mouths shut and they were talking the whole ride home. ZG has always been close with his dad, so him being so talkative with him is expected. What surprised me is how Zia was so close to him. I mean, this was their first time seeing each other for two, almost three years and they act like they’ve been seeing each other every day.

I could really see the difference in their attitude to Gavin compared to Nathan. I guess because they’re blood, they somehow have a connection even with being away from each other for so long.

“Daddy, aren’t we going to our house? I want to show Zia my room.” ZG said as he peeked his head at the space between me and Gavin.

“If your mom lets you then you can stay with me for as long as you want.” He said without taking his eyes off the road. The two then turned their attention to me.

“What?” I asked them and the two put on their puppy dog faces.

“Can we, mo
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