Chapter Seventeen

The sound of flesh being torn apart filled my ears and I instinctively tried to curl away from the pain.

...Except it wasn't contact with my skin that made the noise.

I quickly opened my eyes and saw an exhausted Cai standing over me, the limp body of the dark grey wolf falling to the ground next to him. I could see the wolf's throat had been ripped, which was further supported by the new red glove Cai was sporting.

He looked like a war god standing in the darkening sky, covered in dust and blood all over his body. And yet his

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Comments (11)
goodnovel comment avatar
Rose Ake
stupid writer stupid story why die n come back again n again downright dumb
goodnovel comment avatar
Rayne Vanderpool
Interesting twist on the flashback.
goodnovel comment avatar
Heather Clement
this book was good but the ending was very confusing taught she was going to kill thea first

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