A Gift from the Goddess

A Gift from the Goddess

By:  Dawn Rosewood  Ongoing
Language: English
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Aria was the Luna of the Winter Mist pack, renowned for her achievements in war strategy. Her contribution was crucial in her pack becoming the most powerful in the entire country. Everything in her life should be perfect. ...Except it wasn't. In actuality, Aria's life was anything but successful. She was helpless to the whims of her abusive Alpha mate and his mistress. A mate who never loved her. As she watches their relationship grow, her options are to run away or die trying to keep her Luna position. But this is not the story of how Aria sways his closed-off heart until he finally loves her. No, this is the story of how Aria died. So when she is faced with the opportunity to go back in time and try again... will she take it? ...Or is she fated to relive her mistakes all over again? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "...And if I refuse?" I asked hesitantly. "Then you will remain in the Abyss, forever reliving your earthly memories." My mind recalled the images that had just tormented me, showing me my death over and over again. I knew now she must have shown me that strategically so I had a taste of what my refusal would look like. "Then I don't want to be Luna again... and I don't want to be Aleric's mate," I said, surprising even myself that I was bargaining with a Goddess. But I couldn't shake the feeling something seemed off. "That is the fate I have chosen for you." "Then I don't accept," I argued. "I think there is something you're not telling me. A reason why you need me to go back so badly." She was silent, her silver eyes regarding me warily. "...So I am correct," I said, taking her silence as confirmation.

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Aria is a famous werewolf in winter mist pack because of her excellent strategies in wars. Thanks to her great leadership, her pack became the strongest in the entire country. Although she is the luna and has a successful career, she doesn’t feel happy. Her husband doesn’t love her and has affairs with other women. She can’t change his mind and let the alpha love her. Hurt by the alpha again and again, How will she do? Run away or die to keep her position as the luna? What choice will she make? Read A Gift from the Goddess.

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Alie Burns
I've read more stories on a collection of these types of apps way more than I'd like to admit lmao but regardless, this is my absolute favorite story on any and all of them hands down. On a scale of 1 - 10, this story is a certified 20.
2024-05-11 13:07:20
user avatar
Stephanie Jones
Great read but BEWARE! book two apparently hasn't been updated in quite some time. I would wait to start book two until updates start again. It is REALLY good but has left off at probably the worst place to be left hanging, and by the dates on the comments, it seems as if it's been 6 months?
2023-10-25 08:34:30
user avatar
Levey chan
This first time I write review , i read book one and finish in 4 day The book was amazing , when i started reading, I couldn’t stop from enthusiasm and excitement. I waiting until the second book is finish. I hoop you don’t late to update
2023-10-12 06:01:36
user avatar
Jessica Santiago
Loving this story so far
2023-10-05 11:13:18
user avatar
Marshmallow 🌸
I just read book one and I'm in awe about how well written it is. Everything, the plot, the characters growth, the clues and the emotions that you feel so tangibly while reading. 3 days took me to reach the epilogue, I can only applaud and be happy my money was well-spent.
2023-09-21 22:41:17
user avatar
So according to the moon Goddess, Selena, Aria's death would bring about the end of all werewolves? Why should she care? lol dear author, can we have such a novel where the scumbug and his minions are in a race against time to reverse her death. I bet such a book would be interesting.
2023-09-19 06:11:59
user avatar
Bonny Augood
£100 to read this book. sadly it's brilliant yet I will not be able finish it. ...
2023-09-09 16:59:13
default avatar
I never write reviews, but I loved this book that much! I love how each character’s flaws is redeemed. Each character is complex, and is eventually given choices that define them. This story is unpredictable in all the right ways! I thoroughly enjoyed this story!
2023-08-27 04:35:14
default avatar
I read it.. love it 🩵
2023-07-29 14:23:14
default avatar
Nelli Voznyuk
Best ongoing story. I need the ending!
2023-06-18 04:38:55
user avatar
Maria Victoria Lugo Salazar
what is the second Book about
2023-06-15 12:17:01
user avatar
Gemma Boyd
I absolutely love this book the writer is amazing with her plots and twists I have read others in-between updates but would really love to finally reach the ending because then I will re-read again from start to finish please when is the next update??? ......️‍......️
2023-06-10 21:43:02
user avatar
The first and second books are so good . I fell in love with the characters. The author is talented.
2023-03-07 01:43:58
default avatar
Diana Ortiz
I’ve been reading this book since the beginning & constantly checking for updates!! I was very happy to see it updated yesterday & with so many chapters thank you! This book has been amazing from the very start! You are a wonderful author & I hope to keep getting updates so I can continue!!
2023-02-22 04:22:45
default avatar
Emily Moore
I love all the plot twists!!
2023-02-08 12:08:00
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172 Chapters
Chapter One
"It looks like everyone is here now," Aleric said, projecting into the crowd. "We are gathered here today to bear witness to the trial of Ariadne Chrysalis, former Luna to the Winter Mist pack."  His eyes scanned over the faces of everyone around before finally landing on me. "Do you swear on the Goddess' name, Ariadne, that you will tell the whole truth during this trial?" Aleric asked. I met his piercing green eyes, a shiver going down my spine. How those eyes haunted me. "I do," I replied loudly and confidently.  "And how do you plead?"  I held my breath, my heart racing in my chest.  "Not guilty."  .   ** Two weeks earlier **   "She's pregnant," Aleric told me.  I stared at him in shock, my face paling. My destined mate, the love of my life, was telling me that he had gotten a girl pregnant. A girl who was not me.
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Chapter Two
She stood several inches taller than my five foot four, blonde hair and soft caramel brown eyes. Thea was stunning, anyone could tell. Her long slender legs were always visible, and her clothes always accentuated her best features in whatever outfit she wore. It was easy to see why Aleric had fallen for her.  "Aria!" she yelled out to me.  She was at the end of the hallway towards the community living room, looking as if she were waiting for me. But I didn't stop to talk with her. No, instead I choose to pretend I didn't hear her at all, and left towards my room.  "Aria, wait!" she called out again. I could hear her begin to quickly chase after me.  Thea was easily the last person I wanted to deal with right now. Why was she trying to pour salt into the wound before I’d even had time to fully process what had happened?  But before I could make it to the stairs, her hand grasped around my wrist, forcing me to spin aroun
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Chapter Three
A shiver went down my spine. I knew this expression well. …He was furious at me.  I immediately tried to back away from him but I knew it was too late. He strode up and quickly grabbed my neck in his hand, pinning me against the wall behind me. And, instantly, the pain shot down from my shoulder where it hit the wall roughly.  "Aleric... Please...," I whimpered out against his choke, struggling to breathe.  His hand loosened slightly but only to ensure I listened to him properly.  It was crazy, but even in a moment like this, the mate bond was still making sparks erupt from where his hand touched my skin. It was sickening how a Goddess could do this to her child, make them feel these sensations even in a situation like this.  "Do you think you're so important that you can treat Thea that way?" he roared into my face.  "Aleric... she came to me first and𑁋." "Enough!" he cut me off. "I don't
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Chapter Four
An all-out fight broke loose causing mass panic to ensue inside the meeting room.Everyone quickly jumped to their feet to make as much distance as possible between themselves and the fight, but there wasn’t much space to work with. Before long, snarling and snapping were the only noises heard coming from my father's wolf as Aleric fought him off in his human form. "Brayden!" Aleric yelled finally, huffing from the exertion of the fight.My father was strong, almost as strong as Aleric. It was true that Aleric would win in the end during a one-on-one fight, but my father would give him severe wounds on the way out. He would not be taken down easily.Brayden didn't hesitate even for a second before he grabbed at my father from behind and pushed him to the ground. Together with Aleric, they used their weight to pin the large wolf down. "Get me silver cuffs and have him taken down to the cells immediately!" Aleric ordered furiously t
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Chapter Five
The cells were cold, damp and dingy, with little amenities. Only a bed, toilet and basin were given to me, a single blanket being the only thing to warm myself. There was minimal space, each cell having three stone walls and bars along the wall where the door was.  Seven days had now passed and so today, finally, I was set to stand trial before the pack for my alleged murder. I knew the evidence was stacked against me. In fact, it would be almost impossible for me to win this. The only hope I had left was that Sophie was still alive. If she could testify saying she had witnessed firsthand how I’d been inside my chambers all week, therefore making it impossible to have poisoned Thea, then they would be forced to open the floor to the possibility I was not the culprit.  "Get up," a guard gruffly ordered from outside my cell. I recognised him. His name was James and I had visited his family on multiple occas
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Chapter Six
"Ariadne stands accused of murdering the named Alpha heir by use of poisonous herbs," Aleric continued. "In doing so, she also endangered the life of one of our fellow pack members, Thea Woods. The trial today will look at the evidence to determine whether she is guilty of these crimes."   A cold sweat formed at the back of my neck as I discreetly scanned my eyes around, trying to see if I could spot Sophie. But I couldn't find her familiar face anywhere. It made me more nervous as every second ticked by.    "Do you swear on the Goddess' name, Ariadne, that you will tell the whole truth during this trial?" Aleric asked, bringing my attention back to him.   I met his piercing green eyes, a shiver going down my spine. How those eyes haunted me.   "I do," I replied loudly and confidently.    "And how do you plead?"    I held my breath, my heart ra
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Chapter Seven
The last piece of hope I had inside me died at her words. Sophie had betrayed me, thrown me out and lied blatantly to everyone. How could she do this to me after everything we'd been through? I had loved her so much, trusted her implicitly, and yet she was now acting as if I meant nothing to her. Sophie's eyes began to fill with tears as her voice wavered into the crowd. "Ariadne had been distraught by the news of Miss Woods' pregnancy and I saw how this began to erode at her sanity; something I'd seen was already dwindling prior. Whilst in her employment, I saw her experience several fits of hysteria, laughing at the most horrible of things. And her mood swings were even worse. Sometimes she was so sweet, other times she would change like a light switch, become irritable and angry without warning." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She was taking one small incident and magnifying it, warping it with more lies to suit the agenda. Had she really d
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Chapter Eight
It was cold. There was no light. Only darkness surrounded me. I wasn't sure what I had expected for when I died, werewolves didn't seem to have any real lore hypothesising about what came after death. I'm sure humans would think we should be cast into hell, our entire self being a creature opposed to the ways of their natural laws. But we didn't have any thoughts or values on that. Did I expect the Goddess to embrace me and lead me into some pearly gates? She had abandoned me in life, I could only
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Chapter Nine
There was an alarm ringing in my head. It was so loud, aggressively thrashing against my already sore brain. However, it wasn't until I turned towards the source and opened my eyes that I realised it was an alarm clock. An alarm clock I hadn't seen in years. I instantly sat upright in bed and took in my surroundings. This was the bedroom of my family home, the bedroom I had lived in up until my coming of age. Everything looked exactly the same. Was it all a dream? Had I really died? I jumped out of bed, running towards my mirror, and instantly, I could feel the difference when I moved. I was shorter, lighter. My limbs didn't feel as muscled. ...And I felt strange. Like something was missing. As I looked at my reflection, I quickly realised that I was young. Very much so. My cheeks were plumper and my eyes rounder. The stress lines I'd accumulated over my years of mistreatment were completely gone. I looked almost... pretty. Had I ever thought that before? I'd been so focused on c
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Chapter Ten
  It was exactly as I remembered it. But I suppose that was to be expected since, in my memories, I last saw this place only three years from now.   The school consisted of only werewolves since our pack had that luxury. In fact, our whole territory was unknown to the humans so we had complete secrecy and safety.   I walked past the crowds of kids who were all chatting away in their groups, ignoring that I was even there, but it didn’t bother me. That was how school had always been. Everyone either hated me or was too scared to talk to me because of the assumption I would be the future Luna. This was fine though.
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