Book Two - Ch.# 10

The plan was simple;

Track down Kieran and demand he fix whatever he did to me.

With Noah tied up and locked inside a cupboard, I would head towards the hotel which had been listed in Victor Lycroft’s information folder. With any luck, his son had the same taste in accommodation.

Once I found him and got my answers, I’d then just have him undo the effects before going back to Noah to finish the job.

I’d complete my mission tonight and get back home without any issues. As a result, Father would begin to trust me again and Gavin wouldn’t need to drag me back into the basement.

Everyone will be happy.

Well… except probably Noah. He’d be dead. But that was unfortunately just the way it had to be. ‘C'est la vie’ some would say.

Now to just pray that nothing went wrong.

I hailed a taxi and gave the driver directions to the hotel, doing my best to make my clothes seem more casual on the way over. There wasn’t much I could do but I worked with what I had. By the time I arrived, there
Dawn Rosewood

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Karen Luberda
this waiting for more chapters is irritating
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Rita Dulce
So little??? ...
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sabrina mitchell
waiting for these updates is getting beyond rediculous.i pay entirely to much money for this crap

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