Book Two - Ch.# 13

I left Noah in Zac’s capable hands and got his word that he’d call my father to say the job was completed per normal. He was risking a lot for my sake, I knew that. A lot of risk for what seemed like absolutely no reason. The level of danger associated with this insane plan wasn’t lost on me.

After all, the last thing I wanted was for Zac’s name to end up in my next manila folder.

I headed home as soon as I could, leaving enough time to arrive well before daylight, and walked towards my front door. But it was as I was entering through the front gate to our property that something caught my eye.

It was an old lady, huddled up in a shawl, standing just on the street outside.

She had grey hair and eyes to match, clearly at an age that would suggest a retirement home or carer was required. And yet she stood randomly outside my house at three o’clock in the morning, staring directly at me.

I paused for a moment and looked around, trying to see if she was with someone. But when the empt
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Moana Marsh
I'm so bored..really disappointing!!
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The book isn’t finished yet… it’s still in progress and chapters will load once written… it’s what happens with all the books if you start one that isn’t marked complete yet.
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Tracy Gordon
What happened with this book?! It just stops at Chp. 15! Book has a lot of potential but, it’s just over in the middle of a terrific story. Disappointed that it ended where it did.

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