Book Two - Ch.# 28

Over two weeks had gone by since I first came to the Ashwood pack.

And things were going… pretty good, to be honest.

There hadn’t been any major incidents since my arrival and, though there were certainly still a lot of adjustments yet to be made, I was settling in quite nicely. I was learning more every day and even had a routine now. Sort of.

Most of my mornings were spent reading or exploring; though the latter entailed an escort after what happened in the town square. I’d also found a library inside the packhouse that helped educate me a little more, albeit there were still a lot of gaps in my knowledge. But I was getting better. Slowly. And I was getting healthier too. In fact, I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d felt a wave of real nausea. My head was finally starting to feel… clear.

And as for Kieran…? Well… things between us couldn’t be better. Every day we had grown closer, discovering new things about the other. And when we weren’t shacked up in bed, we were usually o
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goodnovel comment avatar
Omg, I’m nervous and excited at the same time. Not sure what can happen, but I really hope this helps Rae opening up totally to Kieran, because there are still a lot of things she need to let him know.
goodnovel comment avatar
I wonder if her wolf will still fight her because they don't trust each other...
goodnovel comment avatar
Oh wow .. It’s getting more interesting.. I was wondering about her wolf , I mean she was able to fight Kieran ,an alpha, and hurt him .. Is she blessed, cursed!!!! How come she’s that powerful!! Can’t wait for more..

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