Book Two - Ch.# 30

“…Never mind. I’ve got to go,” I said quietly into the phone.

“Rae, wait. What’s—.”

But I hung up before Zac could finish his sentence.

Sterling’s eyes looked from my face… to where I held the phone in my hands, and slowly clicked his tongue in disapproval.

“That would be a cellular device, I assume?” he asked, gradually approaching. “Are you aware that it’s quite a serious offence to use that here? A crime punishable by permanent banishment from the pack… or worse.”

I swallowed back the bile in my throat, feeling sick from just looking at Sterling. And yet he had the audacity to threaten me. I wasn’t the one who’d been selling illegal drugs for years.

“I know it was you,” I said. “I know you were the one selling the suppressors to my father.”

And his approach then came to a stop, his head nodding in understanding.

“Ah… I see,” he said. “Then I suppose you’ll be wanting an explanation? A reason for why I did what I did? Maybe then you’ll be able to see this from my perspective. How… I
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goodnovel comment avatar
Eh - I’m not sure her next step is a good idea, but I’ll reserve my comments for the next chapter. I really hope she loosens up, she’s a little too rigid — though I understand why.
goodnovel comment avatar
Sassy K
Nice! Loving how this is going ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Disgusting uncle! Make him talk!

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