Book Two - Ch.# 36

“Rae… What’s happened?” he asked.

I opened my mouth to reply but the words wouldn’t come out. My body was running on pure adrenaline for survival now and I was doing my best to push through the overwhelming urge to cave into my emotions.

“I… I’m…,” I fumbled.

My eyes were trying to water but I gritted my teeth against it.

I didn’t want to fight Kieran… I didn’t know if I could live myself if I were to see the look of hatred in his eyes. Anything but that.


“I… Kieran, someth—.”

But before I could finish speaking, I was suddenly cut off.

“RAVEN!” Allison’s voice shrilly screamed.

And I cursed. She was here. Probably at the staircase looking for me.

This was game over.

Kieran frowned but turned around to investigate, walking towards my only available exit. One now manned by his insane little sister.

“Kieran! W-wait… don’t….”

However, as I futilely trailed behind him, I was further stressed by seeing that Allison had recruited help. Help in the form of Daniel, the Beta heir.

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Dawn Rosewood
Yeah haha. Probably eating dinner at 4am est haha. Publish days are busy as I’m doing final rewrites, edits and begin plot outlines for next chapter. If there are a lot of rewrites then I have to be more careful editing as my mind reads over errors.
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Alex L.
Haha no worries! I just assumed “night” meant early evening but closer to 10 or 11pm your time makes a lot more sense. ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Dawn Rosewood
Probably not. That’d be like the absolute earliest and only if everything was perfectly ready that day. Typically I publish late nights as I’m still doing last minute final edits. It’d be more likely 7am-10am EST roughly if the converter I’m looking at is correct.

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