Book Two - Ch.# 37

“NO!” Kieran roared.

And right as the dagger pierced the surface of my shoulder, Daniel was promptly pushed off me.

“I said *don’t touch her*,” he growled.

The weight of his words fell over everyone in the room, and once again I experienced the tangible sway of his order.

“Kieran,” Daniel huffed out, unable to get back up to his feet. “She—.”

“No, enough! You’re hereby forbidden from moving until further notice,” Kieran said. “That goes for you too Allison. Sit down. Now. And I don’t want to hear another word from either of you.”

Allison gritted her teeth but did as she was told.

“What… What is that?” I asked. “What did you do to them?”

Kieran looked defeated as he straightened back up, unable to meet my eyes. He simply stared at two people he held dear as they were trapped on the floor.

“An Alpha heir order,” he said. “It’ll only hold them long enough until a full ranked member arrives though.”


“Leave… Rae,” he said quietly. “I can’t do anything else for you now.”

The pa
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Sassy K
1st anyone who complains obviously never wrote a book or tried. It takes WORK. 2nd.. at least you comment and let people know what’s up unlike MANY others on this platform who say nothing and leave books unattended for months at a time. So write for those of us who do appreciate you! <3
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Dawn Rosewood
I do understand that but this is a little different. For example, there is literally a comment in text within this very chapter where someone tells me my book is losing appeal because of slow updates. Several other people have voiced other similar complaints almost every chapter. It’s exhausting
goodnovel comment avatar
Rochelle Jasmin Galo
hope you will be able to sort out whatever you're in. your books are awesome. :) more power to your work and Godbless.

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