Book Two - Ch.# 41

‘Beware the Silver Saintess, her hair as silken thread. With her consort mate of power, the people wept and bled.’

‘And beware the Siren’s call, his eyes as gold as ore. With whispers of manipulation, they’ll hold you in their thrall.’

‘And if you breathe despite this, a devil still awaits.’

‘Because forever lives another….’

‘…The deathless angel mate.’

The words of Allison’s recited passage repeated through my head, echoing like a bad dream. An impossible dream.

How could she be…?

But there was no mistaking it. With the confirmation of who she was, I realised why she looked so familiar. I’d seen a painting of her inside Ashwood’s Moon Goddess temple. They’d depicted her with sapphire-like eyes and shadowy wings.

So… did that mean she really was…?

“…I… I’m sorry, I’m not sure I’m following…,” I stuttered out, struggling to wrap my head around the new information. “Did you say… great-great-grandmother? …How are you alive?”

Myra just laughed though and moved a hand to cup her cheek. But
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goodnovel comment avatar
Very enthralling! This update was twisting and turning in my brain. Definitely want more!
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Can you remaind me when un why her name poped-up last time?
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Emily Moore
I’m obsessed with this story!! I honestly can’t get enough

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