He wants to see my pussy

"Hawk!" Mrs Andrews called out.

"Mum, what is this thing doing here?" He asked, pushing me away with his shoulders.

Mrs Andrews is his mum, you have got to be kidding me. 

"Hawk, this is Mary the new maid's daughter." Mrs Andrew replied her son.

"A maid's daughter?" He asked, chuckling.

"Damn! This place reeks of low lifes already." He added, sitting on the chair next to his mum.

I bowed my head in shame, I was sure things were going to get worst now. I dread going to school, now I won't be comfortable staying here again.

"Well, mum my room needs to be cleaned up." He said, taking a gulp of water.

"I will go clean it up," my mum who has been quite for a while, offered immediately. 

"No, I was not talking to you." Hawk growled out.

"I don't want you in my room." He added.

"Ever!" He exclaimed.

His gaze shifted to me, and I almost melted. 


"I want you to clean up my room.  And you are to clean it up everyday." He commanded.

"Do you understand?" He asked.

"Yes," I whispered softly.

"What are you waiting for?" He asked again. " I want you there by 8 o' clock, don't be late." He added. 


"Are you sure you will be okay?" Mum asked for the fourth time. 

"Yes mum." I replied, I knew I won't be okay. This was like dinning with the Lion. Hawk vowed to ruin my life, I couldn't help but wonder if this was an attempt and if my life would be ruined forever. 

"I don't think you should go all by yourself, do you want me to go with you?" Mum asked.

"No, mum." I whispered, getting up. 

"I don't want to be late,"


I tried my best not to get lost as I tried to find Hawk's room which my mum took her time to describe for me. It was located in the left wing upstairs, it wasn't difficult to find but I found it difficult to enter.

I inhaled a deep breath, letting it out slowly. I repeated this twice, then proceeded to knock. I knocked three times but I got no answer. I was starting to get frustrated, I knocked again but still no response, then I pulled the door knob and the door opened. But no one was behind the door, I pushed it open, peeping in. I gaped at the huge room. 

I stepped in fully, looking around. They say sleeping well in a good room is essential for the body and mind. This bedroom was different from the ones I have been seeing in magazines. 

This room was black and it had enough contrast, enough space, and light which makes it more spacious and not overly closed in.

The oversized headboard, and the plush cushioning at the foot of the bed gave it a homely look. 

Walk in closets are mostly hidden, but Hawks bedroom was entirely different, it took an absolute different approach. A sitting area was in this opened closet, which was perched at the right hand side of the bedroom. Whoever designed this room did a very great job. 

A flat screen TV was placed on the walls directly in front of the bed. 

I noticed my feets sank into the grey rug on the floor.

I looked around, admiring the beauty of the room.

"Are you going to just stand there and keep looking around as if you came here for sightseeing." I heard his voice behind me. I gasped, swallowing the spits in my mouth.

I turned around slowly hoping I won't be in trouble tonight. I screamed loudly immediately I saw him. I closed my eyes but I could still him, his image was already painted in my mind.

"Oh my goodness." I cried out loud, I have never seen a naked man physically before, never have I seen a penis before, a huge one. My lips quivered, I wanted out of this room, I felt uncomfortable. A naked Hawk was standing right in front of me with water dripping from his body.

I turned around and ran towards the door, but the closed up before I got there. 

"Let me out please," I cried out.

"Hawk, please let me out." I begged, refusing to turn around. 

"Are you going to keep standing there, or you are going to start cleaning up?" He growled out angrily.

"You are so stupid!" He exclaimed.

"You won't be leaving here till you are done." He added. I immediately turned around, but I refused to look down at his dick. 

A remote control was in his hands, he pressed something and I heard the door clicking and locking up entirely. I gasped, the door was an automatic door.

"Get to work." He commanded, turning around. I stared at his naked butt which looked hard. 

"I said get to work!" He shouted, turning back to face me, I caught sight of his huge penis again. I closed my eyes tightly, hoping he is going to get some clothes on. I knew I was scared already, because It would be hard for me to forget the size, length and how it looked, with the dark hair surrounding it. I scrunched up my face in disgust, if that was how a penis looked like then my biology textbooks were actually deceiving. How could it be so huge.

I felt pity for those girls he fucks, they would have been going through a lot of pain with that thing.

"What is wrong with you, have you never seen a dick before?" He asked, I could hear him moving closer to me. I opened my eyes and began to step backwards.

"You are such a prude," he said, rolling his eyes.

"You should be lucky I even allowed you to see my dick," He added.

I rested my back on the door, there was no space for me to move again. He smirked, licking his lips. 

"Do you want it?" He whispered into my ears, caging me to the door.

I shook my head negatively.

"Come on, speak. You are not dumb." He raised his voice, holding tightly to my chin. 

"No," I whispered in fear, the dark look in his eyes scares me, what if he forces it on me.

"Why?" He asked, brushing the pad of his thumb on my lips. 

"I.... I... I" I stuttered, not knowing what exactly to say. "Is it too big? Perhaps long?" He asked, biting his lower lips as he stared at mine. 

I kept mute, not wanting to provoke him. 

"This huge junior of mine scares you, but trust me. It is going to make you feel really good. Are you sure you don't want it?" He whispered into my ears, biting it and nibbling at it. 

I wanted to push him away, I so badly wanted to hit him and scream at his face. But I couldn't, I was a weak coward. 

His hands suddenly brushed my thighs, I pressed my legs together, I began to wish I didn't wear a skirt. 

He chuckled at my reaction.

"Too bad you don't want it, my dick is the only sweetest dick that will be available for you. And you will be wanting it soon or I will make you want it."

"And trust me, you won't want any other dick after having mine." He added, licking my cheeks. 

"I wanted you to leave Beverly Dale high, but you refused, disobeying me. I haven't forgotten that."

"I will be coming back to that, this is the beginning. I am going to ruin you Mary." He whispered again.

"I will leave, I will disappear. Please just let me go." I begged.

He chuckled, kissing his teeth loudly. 

"It is too late, I warned you." He replied, trailing his hands down my laps. I felt his fingers brush through my panties, that did it. I pushed him away, but he didn't bulge. He began to laugh out loud.

"Seriously?" He asked. Within a nanoseconds, he pinned my hands above my head with his left hand, tighten his hold on it.

His right hand wanders under my skirt, he caressed my laps, looking directly into my eyes. I squirmed, feeling hot. I didn't understand what was happening to my body.

"Are you wearing a panties?" He asked. 

I kept mute.

"I won't repeat myself again." He growled into my ears.

"Yes," I whispered. He licked his lips, staring deep into my soul. His fingers burned through my panties as he drew a circle on it, my thighs clenched and I gasped loudly as he rubbed my vagina through my panties. 

"Come back here tomorrow to clean this room up, but without panties." He whispered, my eyes widened up at the realization of his words.

"What!" I exclaimed.

"See you tomorrow, and don't forget. No panties."


"Have I made myself clear?" He shouted, I nodded my head in fear. 

"I want to see your fucking pussy tomorrow," he said into my ears.


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Dawn Best
She needs to tell her Mom what’s going on. His parents also need to be told and the principal, this is ridiculous.
goodnovel comment avatar
You are overreacting, this book is not real, it is just fiction.
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KK Slay
No hate or anything…but we just gon justify this dude sxually asaulting(-for censor) her? He is literally threatening to r4pe her…

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