A long day


When my alarm rang this morning, I refused to get up because today was a day I dread. I tried everything possible to make my mum give me the permission to take the day off in school today. But she blantly refused, giving me lectures about not missing school.

I sighed heavily as I walked down the school hall which was empty. I felt relieved, I made up my mind to start coming late to school, that is if mum allows.

Flashbacks of everything that happened flashed through my mind repeatedly.

"Gosh! I hate him so much." I muttered to myself.

I rubbed my forehead which already began to ache me, merely thinking about him was giving me an headache. I wished he could just disappear from the surface of the heart.

I still could not believe he was the son Mrs Andrews has been talking about. Hawk Andrews, I scoffed, hissing loudly.

The fear of him telling everyone in school that I was a maid's daughter made me retreat back into the hallway. I must not be found lottering around the scho
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Balqis Opatunji
I really love this... even though I just started, it getting really interesting

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