Harry’s face turned stern and he stilled. His jaw clenched tight, “I have told you a million times. Do Not call me that!”

“What? Harrieta?” the grumbling, playful voice was of a man who was sauntering over to us with a very wide smile on his face.

His hair was a bit ruffled, dark. Green eyes. Soft facial features but a sharp jawline. Lean, tall frame. He looked like a typical good boy next door with an edge to him.

He grabbed Harry by slinging his arm over Harry’s neck, and grumbled happily, “Aw, but you are the only one for me to have fun with when no one is around, baby. Of course you are my Harrieta.”

“Seth!” Harry snapped.

Within a second, Seth had twisted Harry by his neck, and thrown him on the ground. Hard. The snap of his knees hitting against the concrete floor was loud and deafening. I could not even imagine the amount of pain that Harry would have gotten.

“You don’t raise your voice at me, Harrieta. You know that, right?” Seth’s green eyes burnt with a maddening look as h
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