The Next Day…

My body hurt in places that I did not even know could hurt. There was nothing but agony filling my whole being as I washed hundreds of scattered dishes that were thrown in front of me to clean after breakfast.

I had not healed at all. My body was still wrapped up in bandages and some wounds were still leaking a bit of blood. My face and neck were severely swollen, and I had become unrecognisable.

Seth did what he had said while accepting what I was desperately hoping for.

I was out of the dungeon, out of the hospital room confinement, but Seth made sure to inject me with a scent hiding potion, and a potion that entirely made me ugly and an old age woman instead of myself so that even though I lived here, no one would recognize me as Mia.

There were about ten men in his clan. All of them were strong, buffed up people with dangerous looks in their eyes. Scars covered them, and they were just letting Seth take the lead because Seth was smarter and more ruthless than them.
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