I saw two wolves—a giant black one and a massive gray one, heading in our direction. They were both heading in our direction with ferocious snarls. Snow had started drifting around us and I knew that we had to find a cover before the cold affected my son.

Kirill yanked me in the shadows of the naked pines as those wolves slowly came towards us, snarling menacingly. They stopped about thirty feet away and I picked up the familiar scent.

“Apollo? Artemis?”

“That’s them! Come on.”

Stunned, I couldn’t even breathe as Kirill tried to drag me to them. As soon as Apollo saw us, he dashed through the snow to us, yapping and nipping and swishing his tail. I sank on my knees, not able to bear the shock of seeing my mate after such a long time. Apollo licked me and then his son who giggled. My eyes flooded with tears and my mouth was like a cotton ball on a cactus. I had been riddled with so many dreams of this meeting that it looked surreal to me.

I threaded my fingers in his fur and brou
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Selma Cole
Ooh that was a plot twist I didn’t see coming
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Darlene Anderson
I didn't see that coming..Love this book ......
goodnovel comment avatar
Somehow, the ambitious Olga was only a mild surprise. I would not be shocked to find out she was giving Natasha’s mother something that made her go crazy. I think Olga wanted Ivan, but when that was not going to happen, she decided to push Kirill onto Ivan and with the idea of Kirill mating Natasha.

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