Chapter Six: Spinning thoughts


“I met the little cat sometime before” Niko said simply deliberately not saying more.

Lucas also got the memo and said nothing more as soon as

they got outside, each person left with their cars.

Since he had a playboy reputation, Niko always drove himself avoiding anything that would make him look like a proper heir and always stuck with the noveau rich vibe.

As he sped along the city road, a ring from his other phone made him slow down as he looked at the phone screen, he smirked as different thought process came into his mind.

If that grandmother wanted a show, a good show would he send her way.

An image of the girl he has seen just now flashed in his mind, his lips curled up and his eyes gleamed brightly at the idea that came to him.


As soon as her shift finished she raced to the hospital spending extra money on a cab so that she could get to her brother quickly.

Since she didn’t have a lot of money, her brother stayed on the first floor which was a less expensive ward.

Out of anxiety, she skipped the elevator and used the stairs immediately as she ran as fast as her legs could take her attracting strange gazes from around her.

As soon as she saw his ward ahead and her uncle and aunt that were standing right at the door, her heart panicked even more.

“Don’t touch him! Just give me a little time, I’ll cover his bills” she yelled as soon as she got there and saw the scene inside the hospital ward.

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