Chapter Nine: Be My Woman

Reyna was shocked to see her uncle call the bouncer and his wife out after which she didn’t see them again. Out of curiosity, she went out to search and saw that they were really gone.

Although she was suspicious, she was still glad for the slight peace of mind.

“Alan, I need to go back to where I worked last night, I was unable to get my payment before leaving. Make sure you use your mobile to call me as soon as anything happens” she said for the third time making the young boy roll his eyes which made reyna pinch him.

“I know that I’m being a nag but you are too important to me and nothing, I mean nothing is allowed to happen to you.”

Looking at her emotional eyes, Alan nodded his eyes turning red at the rims too. After confirming that he was okay and everything he needed was in close proximity, she left the hospital ward.

“Miss, we request that you follow us for some urgent matters.” One of the two men blocking her way said. She remembered that she had seen them just now in the
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