“You should be resting.”

“I could say the same to you.”

Camille frowned at Sid’s retort, watching as the giant male moved himself carefully from his bed to a wheelchair with all the precision of someone who had done this before. It was only when Sid had made himself comfortable that Camille took a seat in one of the chairs on the hospital room. Outside fat droplets of rain pelted against the window turning the grey sky, buildings and lights from vehicles and signs into watercolour. Somewhere above them, thunder rolled across the skies.

It had been several days since the incident in the tunnels and since then, all anyone could talk about what Nathan and Tina. Their pictures were plastered on every news channel, newspaper, website and social media platform just like Jag had promised. Not only were the military looking for them but so were NYPD and the FBI. There was literally nowhere to hide and yet they had both gone to ground.

Predictably EFHA were resisting any pressure to give u
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