Claiming Camille

Claiming Camille

By:  Zayda Watts  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ten years ago, a message was picked up via satellite claiming to be from another solar system. No one knew exactly what was going on but shortly after receiving the transmission, anomalies had been picked up, UFOs were what the news outlets called them. Then came the space ships.At the age of 22, Camille has seen and endured more than any 22 year old woman should. Finally escaping her abusive ex, Camille finds herself in New York with the help of an old friend. Armed with a new identity and a job, Camille has one goal, get to Canada where her ex can't get her. Simple, right? Jag, Sid and Kal have been best friends for as long as they can remember. They have grown up together, they have joined the military together and now they are stationed on earth together. They just need to get through their tour and then they can go back home to Draygon. So what happens when a human girl who wants to disappear catches the attention of three Alien warriors? And what if Camille was never as free as she thought she was? Can Jag, Sid and Kal help her heal? Or will a hidden threat destroy everything before they can really find each other?

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cathy knoblauch
When are there going to be more updates????
2023-07-31 00:44:40
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Eliza Arbeiter
Love it :)
2022-09-17 03:36:03
54 Chapters
"Stop fighting me. You know you want it."He was so close, his hot breath fanning her face. She could smell the alcohol on his breath and she only had to look into his eyes to know he was high as well as drunk. Yet despite being trashed, he was still stronger than her. He easily pinned her arms down with one hand while using the other to grope her breasts painfully."Get off of me!" She yelled, cheeks flushed in rage. "I said I wasn't in the mood!""Well let me get you in the mood, baby, c'mon." He purred, words slurring slightly.She nearly gagged when he shoved his tongue in her mouth, the taste of stale alcohol and cigarettes flooding her mouth making her stomach turn. Why was he being like this? He was never this insistent.She managed to free a hand, shoving him off of her in frustration."I'm going to sleep on the couch." She muttered as she climbed off the bed.
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"General, I have the reports you requested." "Send them to me and I will take a look at them in the morning." "Yes, sir." Jag waited until the white light on his intercom module died out before releasing a tired sigh and pushed himself out of his seat behind his desk. His body was stiff from the hours of sitting and going over reports or attending conference calls. He had been at it since 6am and it was now closing in on midnight. This had to be the fourth time this week that he had to put in these kinds of hours and he was starting to really miss being on duty with the rest of his unit. He had always preferred patrolling to the administrative side of his role as battalion General and unit commander. Just as he lumbered his way towards the bathroo
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Camille was up and dressed before Charlotte even rolled out of bed. After the fire alarm incident the night before, Camille hadn't been able to sleep although she hadn't been able to work out if it was because of the nightmares she wanted to avoid or because the golden eyes that had been staring at her from across the forecourt during the fire alarm. It still felt surreal for someone like Camille to see real life Draygonians. Her exposure had always been through social media and the news. The aliens had been transparent about their kind but none of it could prepare Camille from being around them. She wasn't scared but rather blown away by their beauty. This particular male had to be at least 6ft 11in and well built. His pitch black hair was cropped close to his dark blue scalp along the sides and longer on top. Golden eyes were set on either side of a strong straight nose, coupled with sharp cheekbon
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According to records, Isis was a goddess worshipped in ancient Egypt. She was worshipped as being the goddess of fertility (among other things) so when the gene that made human subjects compatible with Draygonians was identified and a test was developed to help identify it, scientists nicknamed it the Isis gene. It wasn't a particularly new find. In fact, this particular piece of hereditary data already had a name but it was one no one cared for, especially when naming the gene after a goddess associated with fertility sold more headlines. So was the birth of the Isis gene.This gene didn't live in everyone though. Only females had it and even then, not all females were born with it. However it was this gene that could save the existence of Draygonians. The women with the gene were responsive to a Draygonian male's pheromones but more interestingly, it wa
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The whole time Kal spoke, Jag was unable to keep his eyes off of the tiny blonde creature before them. In the brilliant light of day Emma was more stunning than Jag first thought. Draygonians were naturally blessed with heightened senses compared to their human counterparts but nothing could have prepared the warrior for seeing the human female in broad daylight. Her blond hair was cut short to frame a round face. It reminded him of the styles the female warriors preferred as it kept them cooler and also from getting caught in things but this particular style seemed more about style than comfort. Blue eyes that matched the shade of the sky were framed by thick dark lashes while Emma’s nose dipped softly before coming to a soft upturn. Her lips were what held Jag’s attention the most. They were soft pink in colour and were full and bow shaped. Golden eyes flickered as they ran over the lit
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"So what are we going to do?" Kal asked as he continued to pace.  Trying to get through the rest of the day after meeting Emma had been torturous. It had been a surprise for all three Draygonians to find their female but to find that they all had a female had been a bit of a shock. They had known it was possible. Those who were compatible with each other tended to be drawn to each other in one way or another. The fact they had all become best friends and seemed to know what the others were thinking only backed that up. Still, it had left them all a little surprised when they had come across the blonde haired female.  On Draygon it wasn’t uncommon for females to have multiple partners. It didn’t always happen and usually it was two or three males. Jag’s mother had only one partner, his father. However Sid&r
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“Sid, hey!” Charlotte recovered quickly much to Camille’s relief. Her cheeks felt painfully hot from her blush but Sid was more focused on Charlotte giving Camille time to calm down before those golden eyes were on her. Up close she could see they weren’t just a simple orange colour like pools of fire. There were flecks of gold and thin shards of black that sliced through the fiery colours. Unlike with humans where the sclera was a bluey white, Sid’s were black making the irises appear as if they were hunter’s moons against the inky darkness of the night sky. Oddly the contrast against the soft hue of Sid’s skin wasn’t jarring but rather complimented the exotic shape of his features.  “Charlotte. Emma.” Sid smirked, a flash of pearly white fang peeking past lips that sh
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It was closing in on midnight when Camille finally found herself outside of the Ark and the apartment building. Before she had even escaped the studio, Camille felt awful for blowing up at Charlotte in the way that she did. Charlotte wasn't doing any of the things Camille had accused her of. In fact, Charlotte was just being a good friend and Camille had overreacted. So, wracked with guilt for not only blowing up at Charlotte but also for a whole list of other reasons, Camille had gone for a walk. Around her central Manhattan was buzzing with life in the same ways it was portrayed in movies. Yellow cabs were bumper to tail as the traffic on the roads were virtually static. The lit up signs of various businesses hung proudly over the sidewalk as thousands of people went about their lives. People headed to dinner or stood outside of bodegas smoking cigarettes, the soft rumble of a train passing underneath joined the chaotic tune of the city.Camille walked for hours, her eyes taking in
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When Camille turned towards the voice, she wasn't sure what scared her more; the enormous Draygonian male towering over her or the creature approaching her. It took just a split second for her mind to register that the creature wasn't something she had seen before and it was the size of a large dog. Instead of fur though, it had smooth skin like a snake. Thick muscled legs gave way to giant paws that looked like they belonged on a tiger or lion. The body was similar to a dog with a broad chest, thick neck with what appeared to be gills that opened and closed with each breath and a long thick tail that flicked like a cat's tail would. Its head was equally unusual. Camille had never seen an animal like it. It was similar to the head of a komodo dragon but much larger and the maw was a little stubbier. Two black eyes watched her curiously as the nostrils flared to take in any scents sitting in the air. Whatever it was was a sandy colour with darker spots much like a leopard. The sight
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"I told you he was a dick." "I know." Camille sighed, picking at the hem of her sleeves. "If I had known it was his office I would have been quicker about getting out of there.""You learn from your mistakes." Charlotte shrugged and finished applying the dark reddish brown lipstick to her lips. "Now, how do I look?" It was Friday night and Charlotte hadn't let Camille forget for one minute that they were going out. The pink haired girl hadn't stopped regaling Camille with stories from nights at the Silver Dollar (or the watering hole as it was affectionately called). Camille would be lying if she said that she held the same level of enthusiasm as her best friend but the more she was around Charlotte's excited energy, the more it rubbed off on her until she wasn't so petrified of the situation. Before Camille could say no, she found herself in a long sleeved black number made of crushed velvet and barely made it half way down her shapely legs. It reminded a little too much of the gar
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