Camille wouldn’t lie, she was still suspicious of Sia’s motives and yet as agreed, she was sitting at a small round dining table that Sia had insisted on being set up in Sid’s room. She could still see in her mind the look on the doctor’s face when she had seen what was going on.

“This isn’t a hotel!”

“Are you telling me that you would deny a mother the chance to eat dinner with her son after he nearly died?”

Sia had been as intimidating as ever in that moment. It wasn’t that she was aggressive or threatening violence but she certainly made it clear how difficult she would make everyone’s life if she didn’t get her way. Just her presence commanded attention and respect like a General in front of their men.

Needless to say, the doctor had quickly walked away, putting an end to the disagreement.

In a way Camille was impressed. It took skill to be able to carry something like that off without barely saying anything. But Camille also had dealt with enough intimidating people in her life
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