You are not going back to that man!”

Camille was pretty sure that if their door was capable of being slammed, Jag would have slammed it as he stormed into their apartment behind her.

She had known her plan wouldn’t go down well but that didn’t deter her from it. She had all but made up her mind. If this was their only shot at flushing Nathan out of his hiding place then Camille was going to make sure they took it. It was one thing when it was just her being victimised but now innocent bystanders were getting hurt.


The warning growl pulled the blonde from her thoughts and she turned to face her male. She wasn’t surprised to see his anger or the concern in his eyes and yet it still made her heart ache. Despite his gruffness and stoic exterior, Jag still had emotions and right now, he was as equally scared as Camille was about the whole situation. It felt like the walls were closing in around them with combat quickly becoming the only way out. They couldn’t let that happen
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