Martina and Roberto walked out of the ship and headed to the car. On the body of the car were holes made by the bullets that hit it. Roberto’s eyes widened when he remembered he had kept Adelina in the car and didn’t leave anyone to check up on her. As they approached, he stared into the car from the windscreen and didn’t see her at all.

‘Was she shot? Did they get to her too? Did she escape? How the f**k did I forget about her?’ Roberto reminisced. He pulled Martina with him as he hurried to the car. He headed for the back door and opened it. He saw Adelina laying on the seat, her eyes were closed, and she seemed to be asleep.

“Adelina,” He called, and she slowly moved her head. “God, you are something else,” Roberto shook his head. He wondered how a person would be so comfortable, to the extent of sleeping, in such a situation. Adelina slowly opened her sleepy eyes and looked at Roberto. “What? I didn’t sleep well last night, okay? I was busy putting your money together.” She pout
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