66 Chapters
“…Please don’t kill me, I promise to pay up. I just need two more weeks. Two more weeks and you have the money right on your table.” Marco cried out as he was dragged into the building. He could perceive dust as they threw him to the ground. He had a blindfold on, and suddenly he felt someone loose the blindfold from behind. As soon as it was off, he opened his eyes in fear and looked around to see he was dragged into an abandoned building, it had furnitures and stuffs covered with clothes and it was pretty dusty. He looked up and saw a man sitting on a chair, he couldn’t see his face because he was backing him. “Please don’t hurt me, I would bring your money in two weeks.” He said and he heard the man sitting on the chair chuckle. He stood up all of a sudden and turned to face him. Marco’s breath ceased as he saw the person that was in front of him. The great Roberto. Marco fell to the ground on his face immediately like he worshipped him. He
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Martina sat in front of her mirror, her eyes were shut and she kept still so her immediate sister, Caterina could work magic on her face. “You know, I trust your makeup skills but why am I so nervous?” She asked and Caterina chuckled. “You are going on a very dangerous mission, you are nervous about the outing, not my makeup.” Caterina said and Martina sighed. “I have everything I need in place, I’ll be fine. Martina this isn’t your first time, be bold and sexy.” She said and Caterina laughed. “I am done, you can open your eyes now.” Caterina said moving away and standing at the back of Martina. Martina opened her eyes and stared at herself in the mirror. She looked at Caterina and they smiled at the same time. “What is going on in that pretty mind of yours?” Caterina asked and Martina looked at herself again. “I love the look so much, light and super beautiful. Thank you Cate, I know I can always count on you.” Martina said standing up. She gave her a slight hug and then reache
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Rocco kept pulling Martina until they were out of the bar. She couldn’t stop breathing hard because of what she had just encountered. But she was happy she was able to pull his attention. “What were you thinking Martina? That man could have killed you! Don’t you know him?” Rocco asked and she shook her head. “No I don’t know him, who is he? Why can’t we use the restroom because that is where he is seated?” She asked and Rocco held his head in frustration. “You are so stubborn Martina! Listen to me okay? You can’t repeat what you just did in there ever again! Anywhere you see him, go the other side. Gosh, I even put myself in trouble because of you.” He said fearfully. “How is that?” She asked staring at him. “They could come after me thinking we are a couple, and would want to punish me for letting you create a scene in the very first place.” He explained and Martina scoffed. “So why did you help me? If it was going to put you in so mu
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He moved his hands down to her pu**y and moved it over her cl*ts slowly. This sent a little sensation through her and she gasped. Roberto was beginning to get bored, so he reached for hands and began to open the cuffs. Her heart began to beat very fast, she feared her body didn’t give him much pleasure and he could end up killing her. After she was released, he walked back to his bed and sat. He looked at her from where he sat and all she did was gulp and stay the exact way he left her. “Touch yourself.” He ordered and she looked at him like he had gone crazy, but she dared not say no to him. She started touching her br**sts, though she wasn’t enjoying what she did, she had no choice than to do it. She moved her hands down to her p**sy and began to give her cl*ts some gentle strokes. She kept doing it and she began to get wet down there. She moaned softly as she dipped her two fingers into her wet jar and began to finger herself. She l
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                  THE NEXT DAY“Martina! Martina!” Caterina yelled from her room with her phone in her hand. She ran down to Martina’s room and opened the door carelessly.“What the f**k Caterina!” Martina yelled after hearing a loud voice from her sleep which made her jump up in fright.“Oh my… I’m sorry… I thought you would have been out of bed.” Caterina said in a whisper, narrowing her eyes in regret.“You thought, and now you see you thought wrong.” Martina said laying on the bed again and pulling the duvet over her.“It’s 9am already!! Get out of bed.” Caterina said pulling the duvet away from Martina’s body and Martina clenched her fist in anger.“You ruined my sleep just to tell me it’s 9am?! Caterina I don’t have a job! I don’t n
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6. (“I’M DOOMED”)
“… isn’t it high time you moved? It’s been almost a week you stayed in Italy. The police could be planning something new, they have a new detective.” Vincenzo told as they sat at Capri island. They had few Italian people around, travelers ,and a woman which happened to be Vincenzo’s maid served them the Rossini recipe, it was Vincenzo’s preference. “Vincenzo, I’d move when I want to. I have some things I have to do in Italy before I move and getting Lorenzo Ferrari is part of it.” Roberto muttered sipping his drink. “So I got some information about him, he is coming back to town in two days, he is coming back because his daughter is in town. The name of his daughter is Greta Ferrari, just finished college education, and she has a fiancée Matteo Bruno. He is the head of the local mafia in Bologna, very brutal but loves his woman so much.” Vincenzo explained while Roberto stared at him paying rapt attention. “I don’t care who her fiancée is, he is the head of the local mafia so what?
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Robert walked into the mall majestically, like the king he was. The owner of the store muffled in fear, he had no idea what was going on. But he knew one thing, he had to keep his cool.“Good day Mr. Roberto.” He greeted trying too hard to make his smile realistic.“I need a dog.” Roberto uttered ignoring the old man’s greeting.“Which breed if I may ask sir.” The old man said and Roberto looked around.“A German Shepard.” He said and the man bobbed walking to another section in the store where he kept the German shepherd breeds.“There are the ones here sir. You can pick your choice.” He said and he stepped backwards so Roberto could move forward.Martina trembled under the counter where she hid. She saw a tiny space on the counter where she peeped at Roberto from.“He is always cold.” She said to herself as she kept watching them. She turned to look at her chow chow in the cage and smiled faintly.The dog looked at her and she moved closer to her.“We’d be out of here soon okay? We
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Martina got home and parked her car in front of the house. She walked to the other side of the car and carried the cage and her other stuff.She headed for the door and pressed the doorbell, waiting for Caterina to open up.“How you are back home early,” Caterina said sarcastically after she checked who was at the door through the small opening on it. She opened the door and Martina walked inside, Caterina didn’t bother to look at her when she came in, she dragged her feet to the fridge to get a bottle of water.“At least you would help me with what I bought for dinner, are you mad at me?” Martina asked and Caterina sighed, she turned to look at her and was almost speaking up when her mouth wide open in awe.“Oh my… Is that a chow chow?” She asked with a very wide smile on her face. She was so happy, and she ran back to Martina and bent down to look at their new pet.“Oh God, it is a she or he?” Caterina asked excitedly.“Will you at least get these off me?” Martina asked tiredly and
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“Alberto, Hi.” Martina greeted sound cooler than she felt.“Hey… I almost thought you forgot you promised to call once you got out of bed.” Alberto responded in a lively manner.“I wouldn’t forget my promise no matter what, and you know that. I woke up not quite long though, had a little chat with Caterina.” Martina made it known.“Oh really? What did Caterina do this time? Were you scolding here?” Alberto asked and Martina giggled.“Why was scolding the first thing you could think of? Can’t I talk to her without scolding her?” Martina asked smiling widely.“I’m just surprised you had a chat with her in the morning. On a normal day, you’d tell her to start preparing for school, rather than delay her with chats. Except she did something wrong that you couldn’t keep till she got back.” Alberto analyzed and Martina laughed pretty hard.“You need to stop acting this way, people would think you are my soulmate. There is nothing you don’t know about me.” Martina told and Alberto chuckled.“
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They got into the club and met the ladies dancing and shouting, some were at the corners of the club, kissing and smooching.“I love this!” Martina screamed in Caterina’s ear and Caterina laughed.“It’s time to mingle, get a drink and dance!” Caterina yelled and they began to scream. They joined the crowd and began to dance.Martina walked to the bar to order some drinks for Caterina and herself.“What do you want miss?” The bartender asked and Martina shrugged.“I don’t know! Give me anything that would make me go wild!” Martina screamed in his ear and he looked at her with a grin on his face.He reached for the shelf and picked up some bottles. Martina turned to look at Caterina said she saw her dancing with some ladies. They seemed to be having so much fun.Occasionally, they would say things into their ears and laugh.There was a particular girl there that kept saying things into Caterina’s ear, Martina guessed it was Caterina’s classmate. They seemed pretty close compared to the
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