Dark clouds had engulfed over the entire sky, making the darkness of night to turn more darker. Cool and chilled air was blowing in its full speed ,making the trees and its leaves to create a blood freezing sound ,specially in that deadly silence of the night where nothing and nobody could be seen and heard, except her slow and soft sobs ,who was sitting on the muddy ground on her knees .

Her glossy hazel eyes were sticking on that white cemetery stone which was in front of her. Her palms were placing on her knees whereas ,her head was slightly hung as she was gazing at that white marble stone, which had bold black letters printing on it and her eyes turned more red with tears after reading that name over and over again ,which was written on it.

"Mamma... "

Her slightly parted lips softly whispered that word whereas ,her tears silently flew down from her cheeks on the soil .

"How are you, Mamma ? "

Her question got no answer, except a painful silence which made the tears in her eyes to turn more abrupt but her lips still managed to form a small smile but that smile of her was not fake because the pain behind it was real and genuine.

She wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her arms but her hazel orbs never stopped forming tears in them but neither she let her smile to fade from her face.

"I know, you must have missed me and I have missed you too, that's why look, I am finally here to meet you, "

Her smiling lips got moistened with the tears which her eyes were shedding .

"But I am little angry with you, " She spoke while rubbing her eyes in order to clear her blurry vision.

"Why didn't you come in my dreams, today to wish me ? It's my 20th birthday and you still didn't wish me. I am very upset with you, "

A child complaint to her mother, knowing her mother was never going to reply back, not anymore and never could, but still that child's heart had those desires of getting wished and blessed by her mother, even if it was just in her dreams.

"Nobody wished me today except  Mirana and her brother Alex and I don't even want anybody to. I just need you to wish me and look my birthday is going to end soon and you still didn't wish me and just sleeping here peacefully, "

Those words were heart drenching for her who was talking to her dead mother but not for the child ,who was pleading in front of her sleeping mamma.

"Why you still didn't wish me, Mamma ? Why you still didn't hug me and give me my birthday kiss, Mamma ? "

Her voice got broken at the end of those words because now the painful reality started shivering her soul, which now had started making that child to break too .

"Why you're not with me, Mamma? Why didn't you take me with you ? Why did you left me a.. alone here with those m.. monsters...? Why..? "

Now the tears which she was holding

had started falling vulnerably. She and her soul shattered into uncountable number of pieces which started escaping from her hazel eyes in the form of her big and warm tears.

"They are worst, Mamma. They're monsters. They hurted me and even said bad things about you. They are bad, "

She told all those things to that lifeless person who was the reason behind she had her life, her mother who had crossed each and every barrier of fakeness of life and had now peacefully get collided with the ultimate truth of life which was the demise.

"They beat me, they starve me ,even have done so many bad things with me. They are cruel, mamma. How can you left me alone with them ? How ? "

Her words jumbled because of her continuous sobbing which now had turned a little loud but she knew that in that darkness of that night, nobody and nothing was going to hear and see her because on that place, people only came to leave their loved ones for forever .

Nobody was going to hear her words and watch her tears. So, she didn't need to mask her tears with her smile here because she never wanted to show her pain to anyone except her mother, who now had no life but still was the epitome of her existence.

She knew that nobody had ever listened to her, her pain, her begging . Nobody had ever seen her tears , her wounds, her scars because she never let anybody to ,but she was also a human who needed to take her real self out but she didn't want it to do in front of anyone ,except her mother, that was why everytime she had felt like she was loosing her hope on her own self, she used to come to that place where her mother was peacefully sleeping a sleep of an eternity.

And like always when she got thrown out of the house by her cruel Aunt Rein and her son which was not something new for her to endure,not anymore, she always came to her mother's cemetery to be with her .And, that night also ,after getting thrown out by her aunt and her son from their house so brutally, she had come to her mother to try to share her loneliness and pain with her.

Inessa again grazed her palm over her cheeks for wiping her tears but this time she badly hissed when her hand got rubbed against the wound on the corner of her lips which those monstrous people had given to her

She softly swallowed and then got more closer to her mother's cemetery and placed her head over her mother's memorial stone and wrapped her arms around it like a kid embraced her mother.

"I miss you, Mamma.. I miss you so much... They all say bad things about you but I know you're the best mamma in the world.. My mamma... "

She teared up more badly and buried her face into that stone and if anybody could have seen her in that state, they surely would have considered her as a maniac, an insane ,who was crying almost in the middle of the night while hugging a cemetery stone, in that graveyard.

But she knew that there was nobody there to be with her because nobody had ever done and ,like always she was continuously  taking her emotion and pain out, all alone in that deserted place where dead humans were buried deeper inside the soil because living humans never listened to her, never understood her pain because living humans were way much more venomous than the dead ones for her and that night also, she was taking her inner self out in front of those closed eyes which were not capable of getting opened but the thing she never knew that.

That night someone else was also present there with her who was breathing but his heart was numb, whose eyes were open but his soul was dead.


Inessa never knew that, that night under that dark gloomy sky, she wasn't all alone at that benumbed place because a certain pair of cavernous dusky eyes were gazing at her without blinking even for once and was witnessing her each and every word  tear and pain.

Inessa caged that stone and started crying her heart out while continuing taking out her buried emotions and feelings through her tears and words.

"They even took my every earning and today I don't even have something to buy for you, mamma. They are bad, very, very bad... "

She uttered sobbing and then slowly pulled back and gazed at that gravestone with her redden eyes. She again rubbed her eyes for clearing her tears.

"Sorry, mamma. I don't have anything to give to you today, as I had promised you that I'll always come here after getting a gift for you to tell you how much I miss you and love you but today, I don't even have that, because you know ? today I helped a little puppy in getting a home ,"

She told her mother while a soft smile crept on her face in its own when she recalled that puppy's face but still her tears again betrayed her but she continued to beam.

"It was so cute and tiny and it was all alone so, I helped it to get a new home because I don't want anyone to be homeless anymore, just like me and you know ...Mirana called me an insane for helping it , though she wasn't wrong. I am an insane. Look, I am crying and smiling at the same time and that's exactly the traits of being an insane, " She softly chuckled at her own words while shedding her tears.

And that person watched her every action and heard her every word  wordlessly..

"And I have no problem in being an insane if that insanity gives someone or something its happiness, so... " She said and wiped her face again and smiled.

"I am happy that I helped that puppy today and about your gift, I'll next time take it for you. Okay ?"

She spoke and again tried to lean her head on the stone but she stopped when she bent her head and her eyes fell on that small silver pendant which was hanging on her neck.

She again leaned back and clutched that pendant which was nothing but a small art of a heart shaped metal . A big beam crept on her face by watching it which made those darken eyes to get stucked into her alluring smile..


"Look, I found your gift, mamma, " She spoke beaming and then started opening the clasp of her chain by tugging her hands behind her neck and then took out that chain and its pendant from her neck.

"Remembered I told you, I had bought this with my first earning on my 18th birthday... Because It has something inside in it which always makes me feel closer to you, mamma, "

She looked at the pendant on her palm and then took it closer to her mouth and kissed it..

"I Love You So Much..... "

That person heard her slightly parted lips  uttering those words with an innocuous beam on her face and then she placed that pendant over that grave and that person was so lost in her tears shimmering eyes and in that soft and enchanting smile of hers, that he completely forgot that his entire body was injured and wounded and was bleeding badly.

He forgot about his own self by just staring at her and didn't even notice when his bullet pierced arm which was oozing blood abruptly got grazed over the bushes behind which he was hiding himself and that had caught her attention towards it.

Inessa, who was completely drowned in her own world was placing that pendant on the soil but a shiver ran down her spine when her ear caught that abrupt noise of bushes moving .

She immediately snapped her eyes towards it and felt like her heart sank deeper into her stomach when her beige hazel orbs met with nothing, except darkness and the deadly silence of that place.

Surely, it could be terrifying for any person to be in a place like that, specially at that time but it wasn't for her because she was habitual with it because she was coming at that place from the mere age of 15 and now she had started feeling like it as her home and wanted to live there rather than to be in that house where she was staying and was dying everyday.

She got up on her feets and gulped hardly staring at those bushes from where that noise came from but nothing caught her attention except the darkness so, she decided to walk towards it which a sane person would have never done because a sane person would have run away from there in order to save his life, but she wasn't afraid of loosing anything, not even her life.

Inessa took her steps towards the bushes and then slowly extended her palms and parted them to look behind it but her brows arched in confusion when she found nothing there. So she got a further more inside and trailed her eyes everywhere for trying to find the reason behind that noise but still nothing and her eyes were capable of watching everything even in that darkness was just because of the dim streets lights.

She scoffed and roamed her eyes everywhere but nothing caught her attention so she decided to get back but as soon as she took her steps, her eyes fell on that crimson red liquid drops on that muddy ground.

She knitted her brows and then bent herself down and then touched that liquid which made her heart to shiver realising what it was... 'Blood'


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