"Inessa, never even think about escaping because, "

Inessa saw Emily halting from further speaking, like she was even afraid of completing her words and after breathing out firmly. Inessa felt her grip to tighten around her hand, as she gazed into her shimmering orbs.

"He won't let anyone or anything to hurt you but nobody and nothing is capable of saving you from him, so don't do something which will trigger him and his sanity,"

Her throat on its own turned dry where as every ounce of her being frozen when those words got penetrated just not inside her ear but her entire existence ,which made her soul to quiver in enormous amount of fear and terror which formed in her eyes in the form of tears and again started shedding.

Emily exhaled by watching her tears flowing down again to which she again wiped them with her thumbs and cupped her face .

"Inessa....I know this is something totally irrational to even think but never forget he is bad but his insanity is worst so don't become
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