Tied to the Mafia Man 2 : NERO

Tied to the Mafia Man 2 : NERO

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Nero Vitiello is the son of Luca and Emma Vitiello. He took over the outfit as soon as he turned 21. The hard life of the mafia made him colder than his father. He never thought he would hold a gun at 12 and a man. But he did. An ambush on his father when he was not expecting it, forced Nero to hold a gun a , and three people. It made him understand the world he is living in much clearly than he already does. The easy-going boy died that day, and a cold mafia boss was born. After taking over the outfit, Nero began to lead with an iron fist and he decided to infiltrate his enemies. In one of those attempts, he went undercover and began to act as a guard to his enemy's daughter, Chloe. An innocent girl, who is a victim of this world and his enemy's fiance, who was trapped in to that marriage. He killed that man before he could marry Chloe. He thought it's the last time he would see Chloe. But fate has other plans for them, one which include them falling in love.

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I’m starting #2….i thought about skipping to book #9 on Kairo and Rose, but decided to go in order…can’t wait ...️
2024-03-10 06:31:33
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Kat Gawan Jef
Love it. Worth reading! ...️ I started to follow you as I fell in love with your writing starting from "Tied to Mafia Man 1". Now I'm about to continue with book read 3 - Mia and Reed.
2023-09-14 08:29:19
default avatar
Great book! Loved it
2023-07-30 21:45:00
user avatar
23.7.2023-24.7.2023 finished the second book.. love..love..love..
2023-07-24 03:33:01
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I was loving this book even with the awful grammar etc, but when it got to the part that the writer obviously forgot that they live in the same building I’m not paying for this anymore.
2022-11-03 20:08:14
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Melissa Smith
What has happened to the stories you’ve written? I can’t pull up any of them. I can still access mine that were previously loaded and read. I’ve been waiting for Tied to the Mafia Man: Mia. I can’t see it or anything else. Please help!
2022-10-18 18:48:59
default avatar
Sorry when Mia is come out I keep waiting and waiting
2022-10-12 04:00:24
default avatar
Caaannn’ttt waittttt, counting down time. Miss sweet Mia...
2022-10-10 14:27:33
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Xiao Mei
Very good follow up to the first book about his parents. Loved it
2022-10-06 23:35:23
default avatar
Imee Caravaca
Love the novel but hated the end. Can you please write a novel on Mia and Reed? Would love to read their story.
2022-10-05 10:08:34
default avatar
Have you published the book about Reed and Mia? If so what is the name of it?
2022-10-03 04:51:28
user avatar
Definitely a good read / audio book! Has everything you need the last chapter could of used a little more umph especially concerning Mia and Reed but over all great little Jem here
2022-09-27 13:32:12
default avatar
Please when you will start with Mia…
2022-09-19 02:28:05
default avatar
Do you have a timeframe for Mia’s book please
2022-09-15 23:12:35
user avatar
Onica Smith
Love this series please will there be a Mia and Reed story and I hope Alessandro finds someone too
2022-09-06 06:35:31
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124 Chapters
4 years ago"He is your bodyguard" Daniel Fernando, a 40-year-old Mexican mob boss introduced Nero to Chloe Johnson.Nero looked at the 18-year-old girl, with innocent blue eyes pleading him to protect her from Daniel.But Nero turned his eyes away from her beautiful face. He is here to kill Daniel, the Mexican mob boss. But no one knows who Nero is. His father made sure of it. Nero took over the outfit, which now covers the whole of America under his control, 4 years ago. Since then, he is working undercover, infiltrating all of his father's enemies.20 outfits and 25 people planned to kill his father when he is 12 years old.  He killed 3 grown men with his father's gun out of 15 men who were sent to kill his father and his family that day. Now he is 25.He killed all of them since he turned 18. Daniel is the last one and the main person who orchestrated everything. He is here to kill Daniel when he gets the chance. Not to protec
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Pick up
After 4 years Chloe packed her bags and left her father's house after Nero dropped her off. She took her high school diploma and her acceptance letter to an ivy league college with tuition and dorm room covered. All she had to do was work part-time for her food. She wanted to become a physiotherapist. She wanted to help everyone who have gone through trauma as she did. Becoming a doctor and serving people is her dream. Her graduation is done, and she needs to study for 2 more years for her Post Graduate degree in psychology, to earn a degree and start working as a qualified Psychologist. "Hey, you done packing your stuff?" Mia, my roommate asked me. Chloe snapped from the mind and looked at her roommate, who reminds Chloe of 'him', for some odd reason. But they cannot be related. He is a mafia man and Mia is a sweet girl. Chloe met Mia after she came to stay in her dorm. She was the one who joined a week later than others. By t
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Met again
Chloe gave a passing glance at Nero and then she looked at his back again. 'Why does he look so familiar?' She thought.Suddenly she was pulled 4 years backward. Unknown to her, she just went and stood just behind him in a daze.Nero suddenly turned around, when he felt someone behind him.He knocked the stack of books she was carrying, making her lose her grip and they fell on the ground.Chloe was snapped back to reality. She immediately bent down to pick her books.Nero stood there, watching her picking her books which are spilled near his feet, just like when Daniel slapped her and she fell on his feet.'Not possible ' he thought.But then, she slowly rose to her feet and looked up at his face. They both were equally stunned to look at each other.They stood there as still as stones, not blinking for a second. 'She changed' that's the first thought that came into his mind.Her face lost the
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Chloe knocked on Matteo's door tentatively. "Come in" Matteo called from inside.Chloe walked inside and softly closed the door behind her.Matteo looked up from his laptop and is stunned to find the girl whom their boss rescued four years ago.Matteo knows she is also Mia's best friend. But his boss never asked about the details of Mia's friend, and he never shared it with his boss. He knows Chloe is a very good girl and is innocent. All Nero wants is for him to keep an eye on whoever Mia talks with and spends her time with. He knows Mia only talks with Chloe, who is a very good girl. So he never had a problem with that.He doesn't know if she remembered him or not. The blank look on her face is telling him that she doesn't."Hello sir, I came to apply for the waitress job. This is my resume" Chloe pushed forward her resume.Matteo knows Chloe is struggling to earn for herself and she never took a dollar for free from Mia.
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What are you wearing
Nero is not a man who fraternities in the place of his work. He always maintains a healthy distance from the waitresses working there. The dress code was meant to be sexy, just like Chloe is carrying it like a pro.He liked her in her jeans and t-shirt. He liked her when she was forced to wear those fancy dresses 4 years ago. And he likes her now in this sexy outfit.But the thought of everyone out there looking at her like this made him feel possessive, jealous, and angry."What the hell are you wearing Chloe" he snapped at her angrily.Chloe was not expecting to see him here out of all the places. She never thought he would be her boss.She trembled with fear when she heard the fury in his voice. She prepared herself for the worst. Her time with Daniel taught her to always expect the worst from these men. They are merciless and can easily kill without blinking.But for some odd reason, she is hurt by his anger. She always thought about him as he
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Chloe is said that Nero became angry with her. But it's not her mistake. It's their uniform and she is just following rules.'Why are feeling sad Chloe? You met that guy after four years. Even before this day, you both barely talked to each other. It's a wonder that he still remembers you. Don't think about him. You already have too much on your plate already. Like how you would go back home safe and sound. It's already close to 1 in the morning' Chloe thought worriedly, looking around her.The subway station is empty and she is the only one standing here waiting for a train.There is also a homeless man sitting not too far away from where she is standing.He is looking at her weirdly. She is getting scared.Just then her train came and she stepped inside gratefully.Nero is in the shadows, following her closely.He too saw the homeless guy and noticed a gun under his blanket.'Human trafficking' he thought.He too stepp
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'Nero' he heard her voice calling him, and he woke up the next morning with a start. The dream was so real, he felt that she might be calling for him.'What the hell is this?' Nero thought with a frown.He shook her thoughts off and changed his clothes after washing up a little, for his taekwondo session.After he is done, he bathed and cooked some breakfast for himself, before eating and getting ready for the day.Unlike his father, he prefers to stay in his penthouse. This whole building belongs to Nero, and he stays in the penthouse apartment.As usual, Matteo is waiting for him downstairs in the lobby.He stood up and began to walk Behind Nero, without a word. That's how he likes it. No unnecessary small talks."What happened to those two? Did they reveal anything useful?" Nero asked after sitting in the car.Matteo is driving his limited edition Bentley. It's custom-made and is a bulletproof edition, designed especially for him.
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Chloe, who works in the cafe nearby the construction company Nero owns. Unknown to her, her boss Adam, who is a close friend of Smithy and also a made man gets a call from Smithy to send someone with good coffee.Chloe is his best employee and a very good barista. She is been working for him on and off for the past 4 years.She works when she gets off from college or in between the semester holidays or mostly part-time when she has college.She is work-minded and never flirts with the patrons. So he decided to send her with that special coffee Smithy requested."Chloe" he called her.Chloe is serving a table when her boss, who is in his 50s called for her. She finished serving the table and walked towards her boss, who was waiting for her."Boss?" She asked for why he requested for her presence."Here, you need to prepare our cafe's special coffee and should deliver it on the Vitiello constructions top floor" he instructed her.As it i
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Power shortage
Nero looked at the cute small heart-shaped birthmark beside her belly button and lightly traced it with the back of his palm.Chloe breathed deeply when she felt his palm on her naked skin. Nero noticed her reaction and a smirk graced his lips.He looked at her face, which is downcast. She us refusing to look at him.Since they both met, they talked less. As they say, actions speak louder than words. But he wanted to tell her this. It's so unlike him to engage in any kind of talk. But with Chloe, it's as if she pulls something inside him, that's forcing him to act.She makes him feel so protective of her. He wants to beat the shit out of anyone who threatens her. He feels like she is his property.It's insane and he knows she would be scared if she hears him say all these. He forced her to look into his eyes, by placing a finger under her chin and moving her face upwards.Chloe looked into his dark gaze with wide eyes. Her
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Initially, he just wanted to hug her to comfort her. But the moment he hugged her, the demons in his head became quiet.Since he was 12, and since the moment he killed the first man who came to kill him, demons began to reside in his head.They constantly whisper to him to kill or to be killed. It's like a reminder his mind constantly gives him. There is not even single second where his demons would keep quiet.They wouldn't let him sleep in the night and he always dream about the man whom he first killed. The light dying out of his still open eyes haunt him every night.He could never sleep for more than 2- 3 hours at a time. There are days where he couldn't sleep at all. He slowly began to loose feeling normal human emotions. He couldn't enjoy or even feel anything.The constant whispers of his demons began to make him suffocated. All he could hear is their whispers. He began to wish for them to keep quiet and let him be at peace for at le
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