Our Insanity

"You both have really gotten out of your mind. I am definitely not going to wear this, "

Inessa said who was gazing at the crimson red lacy transparent nightgown which Emily had brought for her .

"But Inessa it's your wedding night, " Mirana uttered who was also involved in Emily's plan.

"So what if it's my wedding night? That doesn't mean I have to roam naked in front of him, " Inessa spat, frowning.

"You don't even have to bother about it because I am pretty sure Mr Rodriguez is going to do the honour of making you naked with his own hands tonight, "

Inessa's eyes widened hearing Mirana which made Emily and her to chuckle.

"Mi, "

"Okay, okay, sorry but it's your wedding night so I think it should be special, " Mirana uttered and then pointed her finger at the nightgown Inessa was holding.

"And what's a better way to make your husband go insane for you by wearing something like this on your wedding night, " Mirana further said.

"But Sinister is already insane for his little
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Angel snowflakes
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I wonder what happened to Sebastian
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Jeon Yn
is it gonna end soon🥲🥲 I mean everything is clear now but I don't want this series to end......

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