"SINESSA, wake up. "

She slowly tugged the duvet down but got stunned by watching the bed empty.

"What happened? She's not here ?"

Inessa turned around hearing that voice and shrugged her head.

"No, Mi. She's not here, "

Mirana chuckled at her answer and walked further inside the room.

"Well, your princess is with her daddy and her uncles in their training area, "

Inessa's eyes widened at Mirana's words.

"What? "

"Yes, I have seen Cyrus taking her there because as you know, last night our Ms. Rodriguez has wished to her dear uncle Cyrus to teach her how to fight and Cyrus can defy himself for once but not his buddy , " Mirana uttered, smiling

Inessa sighed heavily and then sat on the bed.

"What am I going to do with this girl? She's just 10 but is the total opposite of it, "

"Because our Sinessa is just like her father, " Mirana spoke, joining her on the bed.

"Yeah . She's the female version of Sin," Inessa chuckled, making Mirana beamed too.

"Exactly, including her looks
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Satya Sai Kamakshi
I gona miss this. You are one of the best author ...
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Beautiful ending. But where is their own kindergarten?
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Riya Bhagat
why did u end this so early??? u would have explored more about their love and life.
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