Chapter 3

"Let's go." He pulled me from my chair after I finished drinking my wine.

"Where are we going?" 

He didn't utter a word. I just stared at our hands intertwined while he was pulling me somewhere. Our whole dinner felt awkward for me. I could feel my chest pumping loud while eating. I was even uncomfortable with my underwear, soaking wet.

My brows crossed when he walked me to the restroom. He pushed me into a cubicle and immediately closed the door.

"Ezra, what---"

"We're done with the dinner; it's dessert time." His breath travelled on my ear as he slid his finger inside my panty. I arched my head a little from the electricity he brought.

"Here? Are you serio--" 

"Yes, I am." He moved my body to turn back on him as he lift the skirt of my dress, revealing my panty, he slid his finger again on my wet womanhood.

"Aah..." I could hold my moan anymore. He was playing with my clit, rubbing my folds. My cells shivered one every part of my body. "Oooh..."

"Ezra..." I squeezed my eyes closed with the pleasure of his finger as it travelled every inch of my womanhood. "Oohh... uuhmmm..." I bit my lower lip but I still couldn't suppress my moan. His middle finger was so good at exploring me.

"Aahh... Shit..." I covered my mouth when I heard the restroom door open. He pulled my hand from my mouth and put it on my back then he used his hand to cover my lips instead while his other hand didn't stop playing with my soaking womanhood. I felt conscious when I heard two women laughing just outside our cubicle.

I was almost biting Ezra's palm as I was stopping myself from moaning. I badly wanted to scream in pleasure as the feeling of his finger on my clit was taking my breath away. It was so damn good and relaxing. I wanted to fucking release the sensation, building inside my body.

"Girl, have you seen the woman, Ezra was having dinner with?" A woman sounded irritated. I heard the water from the sink like they were washing their hands. 

"Duh! Of course! She's not even gorgeous. She looks innocent. I didn't know she could be Ezra's type. I could perform better." The other woman spoke.

I felt a pinch on my chest although the goodness of Ezra's finger was eating my whole damn system.

"You're gorgeous," he whispered in my ears. "They're just insecure but you're one hell of a Goddess." 

"Hmm..." I was holding my moan as his warm breath was turning me on even more.

"It's just the girl's lucky day. I wonder what she did to get Ezra's attention."

"I know right! Ezra is the dream. I mean... damn! He looks so fucking hot."

"And I heard he's really good in bed."

"I wanna try him! I will try him." The woman giggled.

I rolled my eyes but I squeezed them close when he deepened his middle finger inside me.

"Don't mind them, baby. Focus on me." He whispered that making my leg tremble. His voice was hot as fuck and he was hitting the right spot inside me when he put two fingers in.

I managed to focus on his warmness and the voices outside the cubicle just sounded blurry. All I could hear was the sound of my wetness, soaking with his finger. I could feel something on my stomach like there was something inside me that wanted to explode.

When the gossip girls left the restroom, he set my lips free and my moan finally exploded. I didn't care anymore if someone hear us. Fuck! I couldn't stop moaning his finger going in and out inside me. It felt so freaking heaven.

His other hand touched my hungry boob and he squeezed it like a massage ball.

"Oooh... Ezra... shit... aaah..." I could freely moan and released the pleasure building inside me. "Ezra... uuhmm... Oh! Ah! Fuck!"

He slid another finger, already three were inside my womanhood. I couldn't hold the building fire on my stomach anymore. I held my hand on the wall, on the toilet flash, everywhere! I didn't know where to put my hands as he continued giving me pleasure with his fingers and his other hand, massaging my boobs.

"Aaahh!" A long, hard moan was released on me when I felt something explode like my nerves were attacked by a giant and it sipped all of my defences. My knees weakened but before I could even fall, he turned me around to face him. He grabbed my arms and wrapped them against his neck.

"You loved it so much, huh." He kissed my lips but for a very short second. I wanted more but my body was weakening.

"We haven't even started yet." 

"We haven't?" My lips parted.

He chuckled as he slid his thumb on my thirsty lips. "It's just a trailer."

I stiffened when the restroom door opened again. Women's laughter surrounded the room. I bit my lower lip as I stared at Ezra. The girls were wrong timing. I wanted to go out of the cubicle to take a breath with what just happened but seems like Ezra and I was stuck here for another minute.

"I'm prettier." A woman said while laughing. There was water dripping on a sink from the background.

"I know, but lucky her, right? I wonder if they are fucking right at this moment on his cabin."

My brows crossed. I felt like they were talking about me and Ezra. Meanwhile, Ezra seems to not care. He was just staring at me with an amused face as if he was standing in front of a world-class gold.

"What?" I whispered.

"You're the prettiest."

I rolled my eyes as I started gossiping again.

"I hate her. I can't even imagine Ezra sleeping with her. It's disgusting!"

My brows crossed as my lips parted. I clenched my fist and took a deep breath. So confirmed, they were talking about us.

Ezra held my clenched fist. He intertwined our hands together.

"I bet Ezra is just playing with her. Maybe she kneeled so Ezra gave her a chance. A poor little girl."

My grip on his hand tightened.

"But you know what, he will be mine soon. I'm so sure I could get him drooling over my dead sexy body. I just need the right timing to introduce myself to him."

"I bet."

"And that girl, she'd be so insecure to me cause Ezra won't fuck her again once he tasted me. My goo--"

My eyes almost fell on the floor when Ezra opened our cubicle door with so much force. The three women looked at us. All of their lips parted and the other one even lose her grip on the lipstick she was holding.

I just glared at them. They all looked like a clown; what a fucking joke. Their eyes went down to Ezra's hand intertwined with mine. 

"E--- Ezra--"

Ezra cut the girl off with a teasing laugh.

"I will never taste any one of you. Never." He then pulled me outside the restroom, leaving the girls with offended faces. I stopped myself from smiling, I just bowed my head as we walked towards the exit of the restaurant.

"That's rude of you, Ezra," I said before riding on his golf cart. 

"They're rude to you. I don't like that." 

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