Chapter 7

"Where are we going now?" I asked while he was driving his motorcycle with me on his back. We just finished eating lunch. 

"Don't you like surprises?" He drove much faster than before so my grip on his waist tightened. I gulped his manly scent was attracting the hell out of me. The strong wind touching my face felt relaxing.

"Spoil me." I rolled my eyes. 

"I can spoil you in other ways except this." He chuckled.

"Why do I feel like you're kidnapping me?" I joked.

"It's not kidnapping when you allow yourself to come with me, but maybe I'd kidnap you in the future. Thanks for the idea."

I pinched his waist. He was such a jerk but I was loving it. His humour made me laugh and smile all the time. He drove slower when we reached the trail of a very rocky road.  I hold onto his hard, firm chest when he put more force on the speed as the road was uphill. I felt like I was gonna fall at any time. We should have used the golf cart instead. Motorcycles were scary!

"Are we going to a forest? Oh God, you really are kidnapping me, I suppose." My head travelled around as he continued driving along with the thick grasses, coconut trees, and rocks. I imagined being in a horror movie. You could kill anyone here as they were no people around. It was just quiet.

"Don't worry, I don't kill." He chuckled.

My brows crossed and my chest got nervous for a moment. I puffed a breath and took it as a joke instead.

There were limestones everywhere, when he stopped, I realized we were on a small cliff. My lips parted as I saw the overviewing of the Ecstasy Land's blue sea. I blinked how many times, feeling the euphoria of witnessing such a beautiful view. I removed my helmet as I stood out from the motor, still appreciating the paradise while the relaxing wind was giving my body a bliss of comfort. 

I looked around, how come there were no people here? This was a worthy place to visit. It looks like we were in the middle of nowhere only with rocks and some grass.

I looked at Ezra when he walked past me. He sat near the tip of the cliff. I gulped before sitting beside him; it was kinda rocky so it wasn't that comfortable for my butt, still, I couldn't help but smile while looking at the wavy sea together with him. I thought this moment and this feeling of bliss were only possible in my dreams. Seriously, I felt the happiest right now. My heart was jumping in ecstasy.

I stared at Ez who was quietly looking at nowhere but the blue wavy paradise. 

"Is this part of the Ecstasy Land?" I broke the silence.

"It's off-limits. Only the owners can go here."

I nodded. I didn't wanna ask too much about his ownership of the island. He might think I just slept with him just because of his money or his fame. Whatever, I slept with him because he caught my interest and my type. 

"I'm not an owner. Why did you bring me here?"

"We make the rules, Snow. I'm allowed to bring whoever I want here."

Our eyes met. I looked back at the overview when I felt like his stares were melting me.

"How many girls have you brought here then?" I was just watching how the waves move in the sea. I kinda didn't wanna know but somehow I was wondering.


I looked at him with my chest pinching. I swallowed deeply. 

"Only three?"

"Why? Are you jealous?" He smirked.

"Why would I?"

He shrugged. "Just because."

"Just because." I mocked him before looking away.

He laughed real hard. 

I glared at him. "What's funny?!"

"I'm just messing around."

My brows crossed. "You're always messing around."

He laughed and laughed like a crazy man. I just stared at him with my annoyed eyes. He was ruining the romantic ambience.

He took a deep breath as his laugh slowly faded away. He puffed a breath again, calming something on his stomach while he was massaging it. I didn't get what was he laughing about at all.

"But seriously, Snow." He looked at my hands. I thought he was gonna touch it but he seem like he hesitated. He looked back at my eyes.

"Seriously, what is it?"

"You're the only girl I brought in here." His smile brought me flying on a cloud nine.

I was stunned, feeling the thumping on my chest. His stares were captivating me and I couldn't move away. My lips trembled like I didn't know what to say.

"Quit playing, Ez." I cleared my throat. I almost stuttered.

"I'm serious." 

"Why?" I couldn't move my eyes away from him even something inside me wanted to. I was loving the way he was looking at me. I felt like I was the most beautiful woman ever existed with the way he smiles at me.

"I don't know. Just because I feel like it." 

I just nodded. I put some of the hair strands behind my ears so they'd stop slapping my face. I looked back at the relaxing overview of Ecstasy Land. I was out of words so I just sat and pretended like I was just busy appreciating the surroundings though I was busy figuring out why my chest was thumping real hard like it was gonna explode anytime soon. 

The silence made me kinda uncomfortable plus the blowing wind was giving chills to my body. He seems unbothered but he was just quietly looking at the sea. Somehow I wanted to go deep down into what was in his mind but that was none of my business anymore, it would never be. 

I didn't know why I lost words around him. I mean we already slept in the same bed so I must feel comfortable talking to him. Something with his aura made me feel like I should avoid him as soon as possible.

I looked at him when our legs touched each other. He smiled, and I managed to smile back.

"You know Snow, the Ecstasy Land...."

He talked about Ecstasy Land, some of the history of how it started and random stuff about how they built that idea. His story was barely sinking into my mind. I was trying to listen carefully about the island but I couldn't help but be distracted by his reddish lips. I felt so lucky that I felt how he kiss, lick, and bite. I mean his lips look so luscious. Probably lots of girls were wanting to taste him but yea, I was the lucky one. 

He talked like he was really serious about his business like he was passionate about it. I always admired CEOs with businesses that they built from trash, like I always wanted to have my own business but I never got the chance cause how could I. My parents took care of me to be their robot, to follow all their rules; they were dictators.

"I could sense you're not listening. You wanna kiss me?" 

I looked at his eyes as I blinked. I didn't know what to say. His story never really sank in. I swallowed hard.

"How did you say so?" I raised my right brow, acting confident but barely wanting to melt.

"You're looking at my lips while I talk." He chuckled. "Calm down, woman."

He caught me off guard! "I'm not staring---"

He cupped my cheeks and pulled me until our lips met. Electricity travelled through my entire body. He moved his lips while mine was just parted. I was trying to breathe properly as my chest was beating damn fast.

"Don't be shy." He whispered between his kisses. "You can kiss me back."

I closed my eyes as I held his jaw. I let out a sigh before kissing him back, biting his lower lip and touching his tongue with mine. My body was shivering as I felt a tingling sensation down there.

Seconds later, I was out of breath so I parted our lips. I looked away and gulped. I felt like I swallowed a hard pill like my throat was full of stones and it filled my stitching chest.

My heart jumped when he held my hand. I looked at him. His smile looks so sweet and gentle this time. I smiled back with pinching nerves on my chest. He turned his gaze back at the peaceful sea.

"Do you always go here?" I asked so I could avoid the awkward silence. 

"Not always," he said without looking at me.

"You like this place?"

"Absolutely! I mean, it's paradise, Ez."

He smiled while still looking at the sea. "It is."

A moment of silence surrounded us again with the wind blowing. It wasn't that awkward the first time we met each other, I didn't know what changed.

"So why did you choose your vacation to be here?" he opened another topic.

"I can't think of another place that'll literally take me to Ecstasy other than the Ecstasy Land." I chuckled.

"You're escaping something or someone outside this island?"

I looked away. "I just wanna have fun." I didn't know if it was a convincing answer. "What about you? Are you settled here?" 

"I'm planning to."

I nodded. "I'm thinking of getting tanned while I'm here. Do you think it suits me?" I asked since my skin had always been white.

He travelled his gaze on my body. I bit my lower lip as I could feel the intensity of his golden eyes while he stares at me. My heartbeat was so unusual lately, it often beats faster like my chest was rising above and it wanted to explode. He was handsome, yes! He was definitely my type but I shouldn't have feelings for him, not even a crush. What we had was temporary and sooner or later we'd forget each other. 

"Anything suits you, Snow." 

I laughed sarcastically. "Why did I even bother to ask. Of course, you're gonna sugarcoat me." 

"Sugarcoating is not my thing; you know that."

I shrugged as I fought back his deep, intense stares. I felt like he was trying if I was getting uncomfortable around him so I managed to pretend like I wasn't. The blowing wind was shivering me but then his deep stares felt like I was melting in warmness.

He was moving closer to me. I looked down on his slightly parted lips and the next thing I knew, he bit my lower lip as he kissed me like there was no tomorrow. Our lips danced together with the wind as my heart swayed in the passion of our every move. He deepened the kiss as our tongues met.

The thought of Clayton appeared on my mind and my heart was stunned for a moment. I took a deep breath and moved away from the kiss. I looked at the sea, feeling the conscience eating me. I swallowed so deep but I wish I didn't. I felt like stones fell on my chest.

"What's the---"

"Let's go back, Ez." My knees were trembling. I still couldn't move. My body felt numb. 

"We can do it here." He chuckled.

Our eyes met again. He licked his lower lip, making it more plump and luscious. He was such an illicit temptation! 

"Ezra." I gulped.

"No one will see us." 

I shook my head. "It's not that---"

He cupped my face and sealed my mouth with his lips before I could even finish my words. I took a deep breath, I tried to move away but he deepened our kiss while holding my neck. I stared at his closed eyes while he was kissing me so passionately. My lips had its own life that it parted the moment he stuck out his tongue. Fuck! I just gave him the full entrance to my mouth, again. I gasped before kissing him back. I couldn't take it anymore, besides there was no point in stopping myself anymore since we had already done this how many times. Whatever happens, happens; fuck this!

He guided my body to lay down as our kisses were going deeper. I felt small stones on my back when I finally lay on the cold floor. It was distracting as I could feel the cracks on the floor while Ez went on top of me. 

"My back hurts, Ez." I parted our lips. "We shouldn't really make it here. It's not ideal." I whispered while his face was still so close to mine. 

"It's not ideal but I can make it a thing that you'll never forget." He got out on top of me and sat on the floor instead. He pulled my wrist as he guided me to sit on his lap. 

I bit my lower lip as I felt his hardness on my stomach. I hugged him as the friction of our chest together felt so fucking good. 

He held my neck as he pulled my face to his until our lips met and it danced again. I glided my body while I was sitting on his lap and he was sitting on the floor. Even with our clothes on, the feeling was euphoric. His kisses went down on my jaw down to my neck. I couldn't help but moan as I felt him leaving marks on my skin. I gasped heavily as I gave myself up to him, once again. 

What we had was dangerous. It could ruin my life harder than before but if this euphoria was the debt, I would be willing to pay the consequences.

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