Chapter 8

"See? It's fun to try new things." He laughed while he was wearing his pants.

I locked my bra before wearing my dress. We just had sex in a cliff and I still couldn't sink it in on my mind. I never imagined that it could be possible for me to try sex on a rocky road uphill. 

"Let me help you." He went on my back to zip my dress. My body shivered when his hand glided on my back as he closed the zipper.

I felt like I was ice, freezing in hell. I just stood there while he sat back near the tip of the cliff and looked at the view of the sea. I swallowed so deeply before I sat beside him.

"You didn't like it?" he asked as our eyes met.

"I like it, Ez." But there was something inside me that was pushing me to stop flirting with him. The more I get to know him, the more it feels dangerous.

"You seem odd." His brows crossed.

I stared at his shimmering eyes. The loud wind was playing with his hair but he still looks amazing. I couldn't handle thinking that I might hurt him with my messy life, but I love being around him. He made me forget things that were bringing me to hell. He brought heaven to me.

I pinched his cheeks as I smiled. "I just couldn't sink in that we did it on a cliff. I mean, I never imagined myself banging someone uphill." I chuckled as I brushed the negativities away from my mind.

"Well, now you can imagine." He laughed. 

I shook my head, grinning. "So how many girls---"

"Only you, Snow." His voice sounded firmer.

I bit my lower lip as I felt his eyes get more intense looking at me. 

"Only me." I nodded. "Is that your secret fantasy? To fuck someone on a cliff?" I asked with a joking tone.

"I have more." He smirked. "Wanna discover them all?"

"Only if you wanna discover it with me." I chuckled as I turned my gaze at the sea. His eyes were melting me like a laser, electrifying every bit of my nerves.

"I wanna discover it, only with you." 

My heart knocked on my chest nonstop, real fast like it wanted to get out of its ribcage. I gulped before glancing at him, his eyes were still fixated on mine. 

"You sure about that? Or you're just trying to impress me with your words?"

"I don't intend to impress, but thank you if you find me impressive." The side of his lips rose "And yes I am sure about that." 

Yes, I found him impressive! Fuck it. He was so good at using words as if he was a Greek author from the past. He never failed to catch me off guard and he was good at taking my breath away as if he was pulling my heart and stealing it from me. My lips parted, was about to say something but I lost words.

I looked at the sea. "Do you like beaches?" I randomly asked to just escape from the awkwardness he caused.

"I do. They're peaceful. Do you?"

I nodded, still looking at the sea. 

"Is this your first time here?" he asked. "I've never seen you before." 

"Second time." 

"What?" He seems surprised. "I should have seen you the first time. I should have known you earlier."

I laughed. "Maybe it would be wrong timing if you did." 

He didn't speak for a minute; he just stared at nowhere until he turned his gaze back at me.

"Until when are you gonna be here?" he asked.

"I only have four days left." 

"You're not gonna extend your stay?" He asked.

"I can't."

"Why not?"

I looked away. "I have a life outside this island, Ez. I need to go back to work."

His lips parted like he was gonna say something but he pursed his lips; his adam's apple moved as he gulped. He brushed his hair with his fingers; he always looks hot when he was doing that.

"I'm going to miss you."

I froze; my heart stopped beating for a moment until it beats continuously fast. I couldn't look away from his deep stares as it was hypnotizing and it was sipping my energy away, I trembled.

"Let's not think about that." I managed to chuckle. "I'm still here. Let's focus on the present."

I thought I was finally gonna melt at his stares but then my hair slapped my face as the strong wind arrived. I removed it from my face and tucked it into the back of my ears. 

"Sure. I'll focus on you." I froze when his finger touched my face until I realized he was just gonna put the left hair strand on the back of my ears. 

I puffed a breath. "Don't you have another woman to focus---"

"I don't. Why do you keep on assuming that I have lots of women?" He laughed and sounded bitter. 

I just shook my head, didn't know what to say.

"Do you have lots of men?"

My brows crossed. "No."

He shrugged as if he pointed out something but I kinda didn't get it. I just stayed quiet.

"Exes?" He asked.


"Only one?" His lips parted. He looked at me from head to toe. My heartbeat rose as he examined me.

"Why you? How many exes do you have?"

"I only do flings."

My chest squirmed. "Oh, so I'm one of them."

"I can make you an exemption," he said. 

I slightly smiled as I couldn't do it genuinely while I was brushing the thought about Clayton. He kept on coming back to my mind like a conscience waking me up. 

"Can I make you an exemption?" he asked.

"We barely know each other." I gulped.

"That's why we're dating."

"Are we?" My chest was crumbling. I didn't know what I got myself into. I thought it was gonna be easy to get out but Ezra was making it hard.

His lips parted; he was about to say something when his phone rang. He got it out of his pocket. His brows crossed when he saw the screen. He stood and so I did. I wanted to see the name of the caller, but I just stood there helplessly as he turned his back on me and kinda moved away.

"Jackie," he said before he finally reached the space where I wouldn't hear him that much.

I cleared my throat as I checked my phone. I received more than ten missed calls from Clayton. I wondered who Jackie was. Did he say he only does flings but was that even real? He could also be hiding something from me. What if he has a girlfriend, a fiance, or a wife? Just like how I have a husband. I shook my head. It doesn't really matter. We were just flinging so what if he also has secrets. It was a tie.

I was trying to focus on appreciating the sea but I couldn't help but glance at him every minute. It was taking him so long as if the caller was really important. 

I looked away from him when he walked toward me, seems like he ended the call. I hugged my arms as the wind was getting colder.

"Let's go back," I said when he stood beside me.

"Don't you wanna stay a little longer?" 

"I wanna rest. Can you drop me at the hotel?"

"You can stay in my cabin," he suggested.

I gulped. "I will stay in the hotel for the meantime."

He shrugged before nodding. Wow! He didn't keep on insisting. Maybe he has plans with Jackie after this. So what? I shouldn't bother that much. 

He handed me the helmet. I wore it as I rolled my eyes when he was busy fixing something on his motor. When I rode on the motorcycle, I held on to his broad shoulder.

He glanced at my hand as he chuckled.

"You're shy to hug me now? After everything."

"I'm not shy."

He shook his head as he grabbed my hands and put them on his waist. Slowly, my hands moved toward his hard chest while my body was rubbing his firm back. 

I heard him chuckle before roaring the motor and start driving. It was slightly a long drive but I was loving the feeling of me, riding on his motor while my hands were on his chest and my hair was dancing in the strong wind. It felt great actually.

We arrived at the hotel. I got out from his motor and handed him the helmet while he was still sitting on his motorcycle. 

He smiled. "Dinner later?" 

"I... let me---"

"You can't resist. I'll see you later." 

"Ez---" I stopped when his phone rang again. 

His brows crossed as he looked at the screen. He didn't answer the call and just put the phone back in his pocket. I tried to stop myself from crossing my brows.

"I'll pick you up later," he said when he looked back at me.

I just nodded without thinking. I was only thinking about Jackie. She occupied my mind even until when I finally reached my room, she was on my fucking damn mind. 

I tasted bitterness on my tongue as I stared at the wall while I was laying on my bed. I didn't notice how long I was thinking about who she probably was to the point that I fell asleep. When I woke up, I managed to just shrug it out of my mind. 

I took a bath and fixed myself so I would look presentable when Ezra picked me up. We had dinner together, we talked as usual; he made me laugh and giggle he became my happy pill. We slept together in his cabin, but I woke up early the next day.

It was my fourth day on the island, the cold breeze sent gloominess to my body as I was standing outside Ezra's cabin, appreciating the nice view of the blue sea out there.

He was still sleeping so I just leave a note on his table that I was gonna go back to my hotel. The moment I lay my butt on my bed, my phone rang. I rolled my eyes when I saw Clayton's name on the screen. 

I had been ignoring his calls. I had no choice but to answer it now.

"Damn you, Snow! Why haven't you answered my calls?!"

I squeezed my eyes close as I massaged my head. I really hated the way he shouts at me when he was mad. 

"I was busy enjoying my vacation. Quinn and I left our phone while we were hanging out." 

"With who?!"

I moved the phone away from my ears for a second. Fuck! I was gonna be deaf to his voice. 

"What?" I asked.

"Who are you hanging out with, Snow?!"

"With Quinn, my God. Who else do you think?" I took a deep breath.

"Go home."


"Come back here!" he declared.

I bit my lower lip as my chest tightened. "Clayton, oh my God! Can't I have my own fucking life just for a week?!"

"How dare you shout at me!"

"You're the first one who shouted at me, Clayton! For fuck's sake!" I grabbed the pillow just to throw it on the floor in annoyance. My chest was cramping like there were full of rocks and I wanted to let go of it but I couldn't.

"Go home, Snow." His voice sounded calmer but I felt how he was just trying to control his anger.

"I will. After our vacation. We still have three days to enjoy this travel. Just let me have fun, please..." I managed to calm myself.

A moment of silence surrounded us. All I could hear was him, heavily breathing and my chest thundering in nervousness. My hands trembled as I maintained the phone on the side of my ear. I swallowed deeply, getting more anxious about the silence.

"Clayton..." I couldn't take the quietness.

"You're with a man, aren't you?" 

My heart thundered. "W-what?" 

"Are you fucking cheating on me, Snow?" 

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