chapter 8


As the sun shines brightly through the windows, waking me up gently into my world of nightmares again, I pull the covers closer to my chest.

Last night... was terrifying.

I didn't know if I was going to die from a heart attack or Alejandro, himself, was going to kill me. He did leave—eventually. After giving a lecture, which was mostly made out of threats, he left—just like that.

I'm pretty sure he left the apartment because once I tried to escape, he wasn't there. Did I try to escape?

Yes, of course, I did.

I tried to click the buttons on the elevator inside the apartment and tried to open the front door but both times, the security system announced, "access denied."

Did I really think I was going to be able to leave this easily? I sigh, feeling the defeat of last night's escape. I decide quickly to brush my teeth and pick out a hoodie and sweats to dress myself in. I wrap a simple black scarf around my hair, you never know who's going to be walking in and out of this place
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Susan Whale
Great story

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