"What's on your mind, my love?" Alejandro asks softly.

"Our wedding anniversary is coming up," I state.

"Is it, now?" There's a mischievous tone to his voice.

He pulls me closer, and my back curls back against the chest.

"It is," I say slowly. "Can I ask for something?"

"You can ask for the stars, my love, and I'll find a way to present them to you," he murmurs against my ear, giving me goosebumps.

Our relationship has been... as stable as a relationship can be with all the horrible things that happened to us in the past year.

Of course, we fight. And I always—and will always—bring up the way he's hurt me in the past. There's no coming back from that and Alejandro has accepted that. He knows I'll bring it up whether on purpose or by accident because those events burned an unfixable hole in my heart. I may be able to forgive but I'll never be able to forget.8

But he's trying, whether it's genuine effort or not, he is trying. We go to weekly therapy sessions to work on ourselves
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