Five Years Later -

"Liyana! Look! Papa's home!" I grin with relief as I carry a sleepy Alanna in my arms.

Alejandro had been on a business trip for the last three days and it gets tough to care for the kids without him.

"Papa! Papa! Papa!" She runs with her hands up in the air, impatiently waiting for Alejandro to pick her up.

Alejandro picks up Liyana and gives her cheek a kiss. "My beautiful Princess, how was your day?"

"Me and mama played!" She says excitedly.

"We missed you!"

"Oh, that must've been tons of fun!"

Alejandro says. "Look what I've brought for my girls," he holds up a big bag of toys, shaking it in front of Liyana.

She squeals, grabbing the bag. "Papa's the best!" She gives him a tight hug, making my heart melt. This never gets old.

"Please keep your voice down, my Jaan [my life], your sister's trying to sleep," I say in a quieter tone.

My sweet Liyana nods. She quickly slips out of Alejandro's arms and runs towards her room to play with her new toys in private to not
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Rocky Moore
I wanted a good sex sene with Marcus and yassmen they always talk about it but it was never put in play in the story. I know they got married but nothing else’s was heard about them or even Elijah, but I’m glad this story turned out really great and thank you Arthur, even though I cussed many times

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