Marital bliss only lasts so long before we go back to being normal. Marcus only let it last a couple of days before he dashed out, working his usual odd hours.

But, God, is he so perfect? Just seeing him, even if it's just a glimpse, makes me giggle like a school girl. That man is all mine to devour whenever I please.

With that being said, I've devoured him enough times yet I can never get enough of him. I'm always on a high around him yet he's so laid-back. A perfect match, I suppose?

Nowadays, Zara is being watched like a hawk by Alejandro because she's a couple of months pregnant. This also means I get to spend less time with her because he barely ever leaves her side and I don't get to talk about the fun stuff while he's around.

I've mentioned children to Marcus but he's definitely not ready and I'm totally fine with waiting because I'm very content with his full attention towards me right now.

Maybe sometime in the future.

Can you imagine? A little me running aroun
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