this is the (more or less) tragic ending I originally had in mind before changing it due to popular demand! Enjoy (or sob idk đź’€

- - -



Something I never expected to feel.

I watched the dark blood seep through her clothes staining them the color of death. Her eyes slowly draining any little life it had left as she begged for my mercy. She begged me to put an end to her misery, begged me to drive my knife through her chest. She did once tell me her favorite flowers were white roses but here I stained them red, disappointing her one last time before she runs away from me.


More regrets.

But now here I am, dressed in black standing in front of the only person I gave a shit about.

"It would be appalling to ask for your forgiveness now, wouldn't it, Zara?" I grip the flowers in my hand. "Say, what do you think about my suit?" I stand back to give her a full view of it. "Does seeing me dressed like this still make you smile?"


I smooth down the wr
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Stephanie Hyde
Bunnykoo Great job. you are a talented writer. Im so happ you didnt go with this ending.. This was so sad and had me bawling my eyes out. You are a gifted writer and you accomplished that dark side effortlessly. I think i need Therapy after this book. please no tragic ending in your future books.
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Rocky Moore
But thank you for that great story but please know more like this pleases and yes lord you are a great writer with a lot of gifted ideas and talents, but know more dark and sad shit please and thank you lmao or I’ll need a therapist for real. And I want be able to read any more of your story’s
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Rocky Moore
My damn heart ...️ went threw the roof. I couldn’t stop crying I’m glad as hell you dint use that as your ending as we’ll cause i don’t think my heart and mind wouldn’t have been able two take that shit. I know how it feels to lose a love one from Cancer and I was on the couch crying my ass off
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