Chapter 47: Cleaning Lady

Time really flies by. Without even knowing it, we are only a few days away from the anniversary party.

The party will be held at a lakeside country house. Mom is in hysterics, getting herself all worked up about everything looming on the horizon. She moved to the country house two weeks ago to make sure everything goes perfect.

And three days before the party, she called me nonstop asking for help. I have no choice but to take a few days off from school and come to her side.

Eason volunteers to drive me there. He picks me up at school in a red convertible, which is absolutely conspicuous in the school parking lot. People are actually turning their heads to look when I open the door and hop inside.

“How many luxury cars do you own?” I ask him when he exists the parking lot.

His hands are on the wheels, eyes straight ahead, as a playful grin appears on his lips. “Do you really want to know? Or are you just being ironic?”

“I was being ironic, but I am also curious now,” I giggle. “L

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goodnovel comment avatar
I hope Mr Ramirez will not remary his ex-wife as Eason planned to dump Nat after all.
goodnovel comment avatar
Haley Koepnick
updates please!!! love this!
goodnovel comment avatar
Ishita Chowdhury
I just loved this novel.. I cant help but fall for Eason, he's toxic, but the way he approaches to Nat, OMG¡!!!!! Can you please make these updates everyday???

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