Private Lessons

Private Lessons

By:  Chaotic Soul  Completed
Language: English
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Riley Adams, is a regular High school teenage girl who is constantly made fun of by guys for being a nerd or for the way she dresses in baggy clothes but she pays them no mind and tries her best to be invisible. All she needs right now is money so she decides to do the one thing she is good at.Teaching! She puts up an ad in the school newspaper for tutoring, hoping to earn some extra bucks besides her part time job at the library. Tristan Harris, is the exact opposite of her, captain of the football team and literally the hottest guy in the entire school. Well, basically he is kinda like the so called 'Popular guy' that we all have seen in the teen movies.What happens when Riley and Tristan's path cross each other unexpectedly?Oh and did I mention? They despise each other so much that neither can stand each other's presence in the same room.

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user avatar
Irene Ikonomidou
I love it.
2024-03-04 06:39:06
default avatar
Marena John Lambrou
This book was originally perfect! Thank you
2024-02-14 12:59:05
user avatar
Ruth Gracy
This book is Really amazing ....
2023-11-04 01:04:57
user avatar
Brenda De La Mater
Loved this story and hated to see it end.
2023-05-13 05:36:33
user avatar
Ranjitha Gupta
wish there were more chapters. loved the narration.
2023-04-13 16:56:30
user avatar
Another great story by an amazing author.
2023-04-10 13:34:27
user avatar
Ernani Tano Antol
I love the storytelling cause it's simple and easy to understand, direct to the point and fast paced!
2022-11-05 07:15:18
user avatar
Sonya Jones
Such a sorry story! I love it.
2022-06-02 04:41:03
user avatar
Kerry Miller
I can’t not get enough of your stories!!! They are soooo good. Loved this story so much.
2022-04-10 12:17:38
default avatar
Joelle Cook
I love this book!
2022-04-02 15:16:37
user avatar
That was just beautiful! True love / first love stories are always so heart warming. I thought Tristan was an idiot for what he did but I get where he was coming from. The story length is also perfect! I'm so happy that you didn't drag the story for endless number of chapters.
2022-03-24 17:20:52
default avatar
Naomi Desta
I haven’t read the full thing yet but so far it is pretty good
2022-03-20 11:34:36
user avatar
Sylvia Gibbs
2022-02-21 08:19:08
default avatar
A great story, now I’m struggling to find its sequel with Theo and Lucy. Somebody please help
2022-01-23 15:23:19
default avatar
Sladana Novi
Great book. I read it many times and I love it every time. ...️
2022-01-04 00:41:58
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35 Chapters
Chapter One
"For the love of God! Stop screaming!" I groaned out loud with my eyes still shut. I stretched out my hand, trying to reach for my stupid phone to shut it off but it ended up falling on the ground with a loud thud."Perfect." I threw my sheets away from my body in anger and picked up my phone from the floor to see a small crack on the top left corner and the name of my best friend blinking on the screen."Lucy! It's Sunday!" I almost yelled at her as soon as I attended her call. I hate it when someone interrupts my sleep, especially on Sunday."Good morning to you too, sunshine!" She replied in a sarcastic tone and I rolled my eyes."You better have a good reason for calling me," I yawned, falling back on my bed, pushing away my chestnut brown hair from my face."School is starting tomorrow and we are officially seniors now. We need to go shopping, Ri.""You mean, you n
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Chapter Two
"Fuck! I hate it, Ri. It's only been a week and we are already swamped with homework and assignments," Lucy groaned in frustration. We were in the study hall, working on our math assignment since we had a free period."What else would you prefer doing?""Anything besides this. Also, Andrew is annoying me to the core. He hasn't texted me since morning." She pouted and kept checking her phone every five minutes."Here, let me help you." I grabbed her note and started to teach her. Not to brag or anything but I was pretty good at math and probably the only thing I was good at."Damn! You are good, girl." She whistled when I solved a complex problem but I simply shrugged, trying not to make a big deal out of it."You just need to use your brain." I teased, earning a smack on my arm from her."Shut up.""You know what? You could probably do this for money," she added
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Chapter Three
I jerked in my seat when I felt my phone vibrate in my jean pocket. I pulled it out to see a text from Lucy. I was currently in the middle of my English class which was really boring since I had already read all of Shakespeare's and Jane Austen's novels. Lucy and I had one or two different classes every day'I'm so bored.'--Lucy'Same here.'I hit send and tried to focus on the board in front of me. The day was dragging by and I just wanted to get out of school as soon as possible. It was Friday, for god's sake. My phone buzzed again on my desk, earning a few stares from my classmates.'Andrew invited us to a party this weekend.' --Lucy'There is no 'us'. I really don't want to go,
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Chapter Four
I immediately dropped my phone on the desk and turned around.Fuck!Of all the people, why the fuck should it be him? I mentally groaned in frustration and squeezed my eyes shut. After a few seconds, I fluttered my eyes open as I realized that he doesn't know it is me yet. I picked up my phone and started to type him a message.'This won't work out. Sorry.'I lifted my gaze to see his expression and his lips twitched into a smile as he looked down at his phone and then he started to type. 'Drop the act and come over here, Adams.' - Unknown numberFuck!
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Chapter Five
"So what did he say?" Lucy asked again right in the middle of our class. I tried to ignore her question as I didn't know how to explain it to her."He agreed to meet me at the library." I tried to keep it short and crisp but she knew me better than that."Come on, there is more. I can see your face. You are blushing," She whispered, making my eyes go wide."What? No!" I immediately touched my cheeks and she tried so hard not to laugh out loud."You should have seen your face." She sniffled in laughter beside me, earning us both glares from our professor."You better tell me now before I snatch your phone," she whispered again."Oh my God! You are so annoying, Lu." I handed over my phone to her before the professor could throw us both out."That's much better." She grinned and started looking over at my texts. I tried to observe her expressions from the corner of
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Chapter Six
The next day as promised Tristan picked me up at 8 pm sharp from the library and we were on our way to his house. I couldn't help but steal glances at him from the corner of my eyes. He was wearing a light blue t-shirt under his black jacket followed by his black jeans which were sexy as hell. I noticed his chiseled jawline which had a hint of stubble that made me lick my lips automatically.Ugh! Why can't he be ugly like his personality? I remained silent through the ride and he kept his focus solely on the road ahead of us. He pulled over inside a driveway and I looked outside the window and saw a huge classy-looking mansion.What else did I expect? "We are here." He unbuckled his seat belt and we both walked towards the front door. We were immediately greeted by a short elderly lady who had a warm smile on her face inside the living room."Good evening, Tristan. Can
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Chapter Seven
For the next two days, things between me and Tristan were too professional that even I was getting annoyed by it. We spoke only about Math and there wasn't a single conversation other than that. He used to pick me up from the library, I used to teach him, and then he drops me off at my house. It was like teaching a lifeless person and I found it really hard to focus."Okay, enough of this! Why are being an extra Asshole for these past few days?" I broke the silence in the middle of teaching and he gave me a surprised look."Awww, are you missing our playful banter?" he smirked, leaning back against the chair and I pursued my lips into a thin line.To be honest, I did kind of miss it. "More like annoying banter. I mean, seriously, I'm the one who should be angry with you." I burst out in frustration, making him raise his eyebrows."Why are you angry with me?" he asked in a serious tone
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Chapter Eight
"I look so funny, Lu. I'm just going to wear my jeans and some t-shirt." I whined, trying to pull down the short black dress to hide my knees. The dress was really pretty with a sweetheart neckline and reached just above my thighs. We were currently in her house, getting ready for the party, and Andrew was supposed to pick us up at 7 pm."Are you kidding me? You look smoking hot. I don't know why you hide behind those baggy clothes." She mumbled, making me sit down in front of the mirror forcefully. After doing my hair and make-up that took around an hour, she finally let go of me. I opened my eyes and let out a small gasp.The girl in front of me looked so different but in a good way. My hair was curled at the ends, giving it a nice bouncy look. She gave me a smoky eye effect with a soft nude shade of lipstick that looked subtle and beautiful. I couldn't believe my eyes. I actually looked pretty and wondered why I never put this effort in t
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Chapter Nine
Let me tell you something, I have been kissed only once in my life before and I was thinking that was how a kiss was supposed to feel like but this, Tristan kissing me, the way he brushed his lips softly against mine as if waiting for me to deepen the kiss anytime which only made me want him more, this was exactly how a kiss was supposed to feel like.My eyes went wide in shock at first but then I felt fireworks explode inside my body and I wanted it more. I didn't care that I was kissing my enemy. I didn't care that he was a player. All I wanted to do was to grab his shirt and deepen the kiss and that's what I did. Maybe it was the drink I had earlier or maybe it was me, I had no idea why I was kissing him back.He immediately wrapped his arms around my waist, holding me steady while his other arm cupped my face, nibbling on my lower lip.Woah! Is this how a proper kiss is supposed to feel like?I le
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Chapter Ten
Tristan's POV:'This is over. I'm done teaching you.'- RileyI kept staring at the message on my phone, not knowing what to reply to. I didn't want to fucking end this. Heck, I just had the best kiss of my life and I know for a fact that she enjoyed it too. I could see it from the way she responded. I didn't want to scare her but God help me, I just couldn't control myself when I saw her at the party in that little dress.Christ, she was fucking amazing!I've waited for so long and I was so not ready to give up now. I smirked and threw the phone aside, making up my mind to deal with her in person tomorrow.The next morning, I woke up at around 10 am and decided to pay her a visit at her house. My dad came home yesterday to see us and I guess he was already back on his business trip. I sighed and got out of my bed."Good morning, Tristan." Mrs. Waters, o
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