Back and Forth With The Fangs

It was foolish to fall for the same trick twice!

Or down the same rabbit ho--- forget that, will complete it later.

Ivy didn't think twice or at all before she pulled her hand away in a quick jerk.

The next thing she knew, she was locking the doors, yelling to the gatekeeper to escape for his life in breath-deprived warnings, and just like that, she was in her car, driving out of the compound and hitting the road.

Then, with a final a screech, she was in front of a hotel.

Quickly she lodged in, and in no time, she was in her assigned room.

As she laid on the bed, after ensuring the the doors and windows were securely locked, she thought to herself.

'Not today, Death.

Not today.'


She had been tempted many times that night to call Elsa, in order to find out of if it was safe enough for her to come home now, but then the thoughts that she might lie to get her there and eventually drain her blood, sent chills down her spine.

So, she didn't.

Another temptation she had to resist was cal
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