Dangerously Yours Till Eternity

Dangerously Yours Till Eternity

By:  AT_Imagination  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Truly, I am dangerous but it is nothing for you to fear." He said, tossing away the head of the vampire he had just yanked out and was still dripping with blood, while he moved closer to her. "Why?" She asked, trying her best to sound bold. "Because I am yours." *** Maybe if someone had showed Ivy what the future would hold if she decided to go to a nightclub a night before her arranged wedding, throw the word 'mine' to the first greek god she sees and have a one night stand with that stupidly rich greek god, maybe she would have just accepted her fate, stayed home and gone to her arranged wedding in the morning to pay up her father's debt. But no fortune teller had warned her and so she did all the above. Now here comes the consequences. Some are bad, some are spicy and some are just mysteriously unexpected.

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Dangerously Yours Till Eternity:
Ivy encountered a terrible thing, this guy ripped off the head of a vampire, who is this guy? He was still moving towards her. And told Lvy not to be afraid.
But she did not believe in fate. Originally, lvy went to her arranged wedding the next morning to pay off her father's debt. And now she's about to face me crisis. If you're curious about what's next, read Dangerously Yours Till Eternity novel.

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Myan Vale
The story is nice but sad to say it is not complete yet
2022-10-30 01:29:23
73 Chapters
Before the Wedding
"My wedding is tomorrow. What the hell am I doing here?!"Ivy swung her head from one side to another, allowing her long tinted purple hair to sway at her back, as her body moved to the fast rhythm of the almost deafening music.She took a sip from the glass of wine in her hand, then winked at the bartender, who in response, immediately flashed her a flirtatious smile. A light chuckle escaped her lips, before she drank the last of the wine and staggered to the busy dance floor.This was a bad idea!She knew it but she was too far gone to stop now.Tomorrow, she would be getting married to a man she had never met before in her life, just to pay off her father's huge business debt.Goodness, she didn't even know this man's name!Alright, to be honest, that was because she had been too stunned and angry with the news to ask. Her father had told her of this sudden wedding only three days ago and upon hearing the news, she had stormed out angrily without asking any questions.How much deb
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A Different Type of Groom
Morning, already?!Ivy almost flew right out of bed but then she discovered that she was naked.It took her a moment to remember what had happened last night and her heart skipped a beat.Wait, why was she alone? Handsome Man must have gone for some important meetings. That must have been how he got all his money and power- running companies.Something shot into her mind at the thought of 'company'.Today was her wedding day!She skillfully wrapped the blanket around her and reached for her phone, that was right next to her dress on the floor. 33 missed calls!All from her parents, Elsa and some random unknown numbers. Not just that but a lot of messages too!They must have discovered that she wasn't in her room- where she should be!She checked through some messages, all were asking her where she was. "6:43 am? Oh my goodness." She rushed up to her feet, pulling on her gown as quickly as she could. In no time, she was out of the room. She had found the card quite easily, glad he h
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Strangest Wedding Ever!
Chris returned to his room, a displeased look on his face.There were always matters arising of the House that he had to attend to. Being a leader was tiring.He swiped his card across the door and it opened with a ding.As he had suspected, his one night stand was gone. He checked his drawers only to see that his gold wristwatch was still there. He frowned.She didn't take it?But why didn't she? Most of the woman he had brought up to his apartment had always stolen something from him.It was his way to trap them. He would always leave something of value at different places, and when they take it, he would track them down and have them do whatever bidding he planned. He shut the drawers.Then someone stepped in and he looked up to see that it was his best friend. "She is gone?" Jett asked, unlike Chris, he was already dressed in his black suit."What do you think?" Jett smiled. "I was hoping to catch her, considering the fact that she had also boldy shown interest in me yesterd
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The Wrong What?
No one objected against this method of marriage, not even the crowd or the bald priest who was too focus on getting this wedding moving.She heard no murmurings of any sort. Was this normal? She really should have spoken to her father about the type of groom she was about to get married to instead of walking out on him, going to a club and having a one night stand.A One Night Stand!She smirked slightly underneath her veil. The one night stand was not that bad though, so she didn't regret it too much. "I do." She heard a deep and authoritative voice from the laptop, snapping her back to reality and her smirk disappeared.The Priest said out loud the vows to her, they sounded a little different but the state her mind was in, didn't let her fully process the words. Instead she replied, "I do."Instead of the ring exchange, Ivy was headed a goblet. Seriously?She eyed it suspiciously before giving the priest a weary look. He looked at her, almost annoyed at the oblivion she was t
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Die Looking Beautiful
At that moment, Girald busted in, looking a little tense for the first time."Hellooo?" She threw her free hand in the air dramatically, gesturing to her half naked state. "Knock kno--" "You are not Viky Laridga." He stated flatly, his eyes brewing with anger."Obvio--.""Cease her."Bodyguards immediately rushed in, snatching the phone away from her while trapping her hand painfully behind her back."What is the meaning of this?! Do you know who I am?! My lawyers will be seeing your lawyers in court because of this!""Exactly." Girald took a step forward. "Who are you?""Ivy Romina Rominnez." She answered threateningly, a bit of sassiness in her tone. "Search it up.""Wrong answer." "W-what?!"Girald titled his blad head to a side, signalling to the bodyguards who still had her confined in their painful grips. Next thing she knew, a mask was thrown over her head, they dragged her out of the room, down the stairs, into another room. By the time they pulled the mask off, she was sta
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Terms and Conditions
"Master, I---"The voice of another person rambling for her life, then a bang of a gun interrupted him."I'm too busy for any situation going on over there right now." There was a ding from the laptop, signifying the arrival of a mail."Fix it."The line went dead and immediately Girald turned to her, walking intently with the laptop in his hand.Ivy started scurrying away, almost falling from the chair."I won't press charges, I already said I wouldn't. There will be a peaceful annulment, I won't ask for anything, I swear. Please don't kill me."Unlike before, she wasn't worried about her face. The cut on her neck still hurt terribly, and she didn't want to imagine how badly it would hurt, if he decided to carve a larger cut."I will not kill you." He sat down on a chair in front of her. "Yet." He added and she gulped."Whatever you want me to do, I'll do it. Just let me go.""Desperate? Good." He turned the laptop towards her so that she was staring at the screen. "The Master has s
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Next Up? Sexy Greek gods!
Just like that, they were in front of her masion. She hadn't given Colin her address or anything, but he had dropped her off right in front of her mansion, and now she was walking into the large gates. Honestly, after seeing the Villa, she really didn't think big and the house she lived in, could be rightly used in the same sentence anymore. Why? Well, she had seen bigger. "Romito--" she heard her mother call out to her, well she half ran half walked. Her mother welcomed her home with open arms and just as Girald had said, she was right in time for lunch and hopefully, her father would be able to take get his usual 6pm nap. She didn't spend too much time with her parents though, she quickly excused herself and went up to her room. Giving an excuse that the meetings had been tedious and she needed all the rest in the world. Her mother had not suspected anything and if her father had, his mouth stuffed with food didn't let him say anything about it. Once the door was closed
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Handsome Man Is Everywhere
A large warm hand slidding down her thigh, lower and lower, pushing her baby blue silky nightgown slowly off her.Her fists tightened around the sheets as she threw her head back in pleasure, her eyes shut tight, toes curling, sweat glittering across her forehead despite the open window and the heavy rainy and the wind that threw her red curtains up.She could feel the warm breath of someone across her bare neck, the warm hard on her inner thigh, now griping a little tighter. She arched her back, wanting desperately to shove herself into whoseover that was.She could feel the cold lips, plant lingering kisses along the crook of her neck.A low moan slide out of her mouth as she felt pointed teeth graze her ear lobe, her breathing became rasp,desire lit through her veins.Then she saw the farmiliar face, the same face she had seen yesterday night - Handsome man?He looked just as breathtaking as she remembered.She let go of the sheets, reaching out to his bare chest, only to be stopp
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Let the Hiding Pro Max Begin!
Duck!This mustn't be happening right now. She saw them approaching quickly but she knew she was not ready to face Handso--Chris or even the situation that her and her best friend might just have fancied the same man!"Hi, umh, where is the exit?"The waiter immediately eyed her table, seeing the wine and wondering if she was trying to run from 'a bill gone wrong' situation. "I don't know if this is right but I have to get out of here fast." Ivy flipped opened her purse and handed her some bills. "For the wine. So now, where is the exit?"The waiter eyes lit up immediately. "Ex situation." He mumbled underneath her breath. "Quickly, it's around here."He said, leading her outside in no time. She played along, telling him how her non existent ex had some stalker tendencies and temper issues. Non existent because Ivy wasn't one to believe that there was anything such as an ex. A man could either be yours or not, it didn't matter if he was in the past.So no one was her ex and she w
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Kiss Don't Tell
"You won't believe what happened on my way here. So many chocolates and flowers are still in the car but--" she paused, giving her a one over, "A receptionist?! Are you kidding m--Chris!"She flung her arms around him and he held her in a warm embrace."Hello, Amryelsa."Ivy's eyes widened at that.He calls her full name?! Wow! A lot of wows.These two must really be an item and if not, then they were probably really close to it by a few steps. Ivy felt like an absolute unneeded piece in this lovey-dovey moment.Could she just disappear?"What are you doing here? I thought you said you had a meeting." Elsa said, sounding the most caring and careful that Ivy had every heard her sound before. That meant that she cared about how he viewed her and Elsa had never really given a damn about that before. Once again, could she just disappear?"I just finished the meeting." He guestutered over to the table some distance away. "I was just standing here to make a reservation for tomorrow. Matt
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