Chapter 3

This time I did listen without a second thought i head straight to my house, my legs finally gave underneath as I fell on the couch a sign of relief escapes my lips as the event plays out on my mind, I must have heard wrong I try forcing myself to believe but the gut feeling nagging me couldn't be denied Kimora has returned I shiver as the spacious room suddenly felt claustrophobic if the legend was true then this is bad really bad.

"I need to get inside that room" I mutter determined, looking at the wall clock a quarter past three, the day was still young and since pa was busy there was no need to waste the opportunity.

Rising sluggishly from the couch I walked weirdly in the direction to my bedroom;every step took a lot of effort, because the soles of my feet were still hurting badly!

"Rebus et wille est tu" I cast a spell, hand on my bedroom wall, the stone gave way and popped open a hidden compartment. I was sure no one was listening. My home was the closest to the ocean, the farthest point away from the temple,all wisely planned by my grandpa so I would have a hard time lurking around during sessions that plan is not working out well.

I reached in and carefully pulled out an old book, a very very old book. The pages were turning a musky brown colour and the ink came off if pressed on. The book cover was dirty and faded but I could still make out the words Dark Arts.

The book was originally general knowledge of dark arts, spells, potions and a whole lot but the one I held had been reviewed with hand written guidelines, understanding of spells and how to use the spells to create new ones.

I believe it was written by the five elders themselves I had no idea how I was lucky to have stumbled on the book hidden behind a lot of others, whoever shoved it in my grandfather's library was trying to get rid of it, sometimes I did wonder how grandpa got the book but that's how he had always been; his knowledge about magic both positive and dark matter was like he was gifted with it by the moon goddess herself.

Grandpa would kill! me if he found out I was messing with dark matter,not a day goes by he doesn't speak about the dangers of dark magic and the consequences, saying there was no bright side but he was wrong and I know it,sometimes I wished I could show him maybe he would let me attend class and training sessions but sadly she couldn't fear of what the outcome will be.

Grandpa had taken care of me all my life. I never knew my biological parents and had little to no knowledge about my childhood. All my memories were made in Boki's temple built on a small island, where young wolves learned how to harness and control positive energy. I had hardly been outside the temple so when I found the book it was too tempting to say no and contrary to many beliefs dark matter was easy for her to control, not everyone could control positive energy they were chosen but being able to control dark matter consider yourself lucky, you can say I am really lucky having learned and practiced the art with ease like I had known it all my life.

I sit on my bed dropping the book carefully on my lap like a priceless jewel. As realization dawned on me I had done something new today; casting a spell from my mind and it worked at a slower pace but worked all the same. I haven't been able to accomplish that before and I loved the thrill of it. I could cast a spell and no one would know who did it.

Taking deep breaths I let go of the stress and conserved energy "always have a clear mind" like grandpa taught energy was all around us as long as there is life. My body tingled, the familiar warmth flowed through me as I held onto it letting the energy cover my whole body, healing my sore bones when I had enough I let go the energy burst into the atmosphere like tiny confetti as it went up in black flames till it disappears

My body felt stronger like a wolf under a full moon.

I smiled, pushing my honey blonde hair behind her ears as I slid my hand through the cover. I turned the pages one after the other carefully. If the pace was increased it would tear; I had learned that the hard way. Letting the book settle on the page I had in mind PORTALS; there were three types: time, realms and places. The hardest to pull off was the time, there was no black ink on that section. Either the elders hadn't used the spell or it was written perfectly. I was not going to take the risk to find out.

Jackpot! I had read the book over and over again but everytime I tried reading it again, it still had the element like it kept generating new spells or maybe I just had poor memory.

I read the pages, the handwritten warnings and say the exact words a few times aiming to memorize it,

Changing into leather pants,a black top and boots, I scribbled the spell on my notepad just in case I forgot the right words to say. I returned the book back to its secret spot. I wanted to be outside for this one, following the back exit I opened the door as the rush of wind hit me,my curvy honey blonde hair moving in all directions I try to control it packing the hair in a messy ponytail as I walk on the beach my boots sinks a little in the sand leaving a trail of footsteps behind me.

This place was peaceful; only the sound of the singing birds and the clash of wind and waves could be heard,a place you could come to on a bad day to let your worries flow like the wind. She was grateful for this peace but sometimes it gets really lonely.

I take deep breaths, have a clear mind I remind myself I felt it was a comfortable distance to do the spell, placing my left hand forward I let energy play on my fingertips concentrating hard I say the spell

"Plaet mi et tu domle" the same time I let the power roll of my palm it starts off as a small circle then it kept growing and growing, I take a step back the suckage strong as it grows to a small black hole it suddenly vanishes.

I squint my eyes confused it takes me a while to realize it was there just invisible, I walk closer the pull lighter than before putting my hand it disappears through,

I did it! I grin widely wiggling my fingers, without hesitation I walk through my head spins a little as I appear behind a large tree just close to the house

It was a bit dark here due to the tall trees blocking the sun but I could still see the guards stationed by the house there had more guards patrolling,not a problem.

"Repbisni ti emirale" using a cloaking spell I advanced to the house carefully, to avoid sticks and leaves; they might not be able to see me but they could hear me.

Following the side of the house I pull open the window. The side makes a little creaking noise as I climb in, I pause listening for footsteps there was none I concluded the guards didn't hear it.

The room was dark, light seeping a little through the closed windows but I had my eyes fixed on the bed, there was someone in it; it must be Cyrus.

The room was so quiet and dark why would they trap a king's son in this room

"Huhhh" I gasp, taking a sharp step backwards as my tummy knots in disgust, my hand goes to my mouth as I try to hold my early lunch in. He was pale white with black marks crawling inside his skin by the side of his face and hands, the only visible part of him I could see like black earthworms were living inside of him, the sight horrific to look at but hard to get my eyes off.

His head snaps towards my direction his empty grey eyes stare at me I jump scared tripping on the bedside table that makes a loud bang falling on my butt I could hear heavy footsteps rushing this way

I hurry picked up the table and rush the way I came as I slide the window shut I hear the door open

"Repbisni ti emirale" i hurry to say not caring if I was heard or not, I run as fast as my legs could take me,my whole body buzzing,I jump through the portal falling on my knees my legs turned jelly as I emptied my stomach of it's contents on the sand suddenly breathing felt hard every breath feeling like poison,my eyes widened in realization KIMORA had returned…

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