chapter 7

*Johnathan POV*

i panicked like hell when Sandra's body (in which Enola is present) went limp in my hands as she stopped struggling and closed her eyes

What the hell have i done?

i quickly took her in my embrace and checked her heart beat. 

thank God! it's still there.

i quickly laid her on the bed and gave her required medical treatment. once I was done i just sat there seeing her sleep.

Oh how i feel for this girl after just seeing her for once.

saying she is Beautiful would be an extreme understatement.

she is breath taking!

i know she was the one when i first saw her. those beautiful big blue eyes like doll's. that pale skin. those soft pink lips. those dark brown hairs dancing along with wind.

that was at least 10 years ago! ever since then i worked hard to be the next mafia just for her. 

i had to defeat and prove that am better than my older brother. which lead him to hate me till bones.

like i care anywag! so once i was ready i told her dad i wanted to marry her. He was reluctant at first but agreed after i bribed him by giving him 10 of my companies.

what an asshole of a dad! if i had a daughter like Sandra i would have asked for half of the property.

just kidding! i would have punched the person in face and broke his spinal cord.

and soon i would have a mini version of her calling me dad!

i was on cloud nine she was finally going to be mine. i was the happiest person in the world but my all happiness crashed down when i found out that she ran away.

well tracking her down was easy.

like when you are running away from someone epically world's biggest mafia you don't check into the hotel which is theirs.

although she seems a bit stupid she is an excellent fighter.

she is a literal sense of every fighting technique.

suddenly a frown appeared on my face as realization hit me!

She knows how to get out of someone's grip but she didn't.




the surroundings were pitch black and dead silent. If it weren't for the small source of light Sandra ( who happens to be in Enola's body) would have thought she was dead.

May be she actually was? but how could that be? she remembered going to sleep. it means she isn't dead. if not then. where is she? what is this place?

is it another dream?

if she is dreaming then...

The girl in dreams should be here too!


She yelled on top of her lungs

"Hello!!" she again called but still no answer.

"The girl with green eyes from my dreams are you here?!!" 

She stomped the thing below her feet as she wasn't sure if it was ground cursing.

"Damn it!"

All her life she saw that damn woman in her freaking dreams when she didn't even wanted to but now when she want to see her she is no where in sight! 

Hoe lovely!

Just when she was about to curse again she heard a faint voice as if the source of the sound was really far

"Who is that?" Sandra asked and looked around but saw nothing.

"Sandra!" Once again she heard the voice this time it was calling her name.

"Are you the girl from my dreams what was your name....uhhh yes Enola!" 

Sandra yelled.....

"Yes. that's me!" Enola replied.

"Where are you i am coming" Sandra said before running to where she she assumed Enola would be.

"I don't know where am i. it's really dark. i can only see the light....."

Enola suddenly paused as something stirred up inside her mind

" hell yes Sandra run towards the light" 

Enola yelled as both the girls started running towards it.

After what seemed like ages of running they both could finally see a dull figure making them stop in shock.

"You my body?" Enola didn't knew weather she said or asked that.

"And so are you" Sandra added

"How the fuck did this..." Before Enola could complete her sentence she was pulled away by an invisible force.

"what' happening?" Sandra asked 

she lift her foot to step towards Enola was pushed back with the same invisible pull.

Suddenly the pitch black cloak was lifted by bright lightening making Enola ( who is in Sandra's body) groan.

She abruptly sat up but a pair of strong arms prevented her to do so.

she looked around and was the fucker she hates the most! 

the one and only Johnathan Black!

"Get off me you psycho!" Enola intended to yell but when her voice came out otherwise she realized how thirsty she was.

John seemed go realize it as he quickly passed her a glass of water

Enola quickly tried to chug it down making her choke.

John started caressing her back to help release the pain.

"Are you alright baby?" John asked concern dripping down his voice

"Like you care!" Enola snapped back making him growl.

He quickly restrained his anger before he hurts he more.

He pressed a button on the which was on the right sides of bed's table as a bunch of ladies started entering the room.

"Have something to eat and get ready!" 

John said getting up

"Get ready for what? your funeral!" Enola said

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