chapter 96

“you are indeed very good!” blade said with a smirk on his face and something about it felt very wrong to Bella

“Dad!” Bella head snapped towards the scream.

There was Night’s dad the emperor held by a Blade’s guards.

A sword was placed at his neck by one of the guards as they only waited for Blade’s command.

Everyone thought that he was dead but Blade being the cunning person he is saved him so that he can use him as a bait to get what he wants.

“ looks like you have to get off me” Bella head turned towards Blade.

Oh how much she would love to punch his smirk and break his teeth but knowing that it would make the situation worse she didn’t and got off him.

Sandra and Night along with the guards had also stopped fighting.

Blade got up from the floor and dusted the dirt off of his clothes.

“ well looks like letting him live wasn’t a bad choice after all”

Night could only be disgusted by his words. How can a son be so cruel to his own father? He is the sole reason for his condition.

“ n
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