chapter 91

“what?” asked Grace’s uncle.

“ even though you are a girl you proved that you are far better than any of us by defeating so please take us as you disciple and teach us” the leader said

“well that’s an honor for me but a lot of responsibility too so I shall pass so just focus on the job I gave you”

Sandra said and turned to walk away

“please we will do anything” pleaded the leader.

Sandra stopped in her tracks. Without turning she asked

“ there are so many people out there. Why are you asking me?”

“ you are better than any person out there. I have worked for countless people but none of them could ever touch me let alone defeat”

Sandra was quiet pleased by his words. all those years of brutal training didn’t go to waste after all. Turning around she spoke

“ okay! But I am not your master nor you are my disciple. I would teach you a few tricks I know of”

To say they were happy would be an understatement

Soon their training begin and went on for hours and by the end of it they all were t
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